Bali – Komodo One Day Trip, The Information, and Tips You Need to Know

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December 10, 2019
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Bali – Komodo One Day Trip, The Information, and Tips You Need to Know



Komodo Island, the island which famous as a home to the oldest and biggest lizard on planet Earth. Komodo dragon is located on the east side of Bali Island.  Many kinds of trip packages are available especially the one day tour. Moreover, the one day tour from Bali to Komodo is pretty affordable and easily booked.

Those who visit Komodo island through a one day trip can do some exciting activities. From a walk around to snorkeling. You can choose one or even do both to enjoy the pure and fascinating nature. Besides many activities that can be done. There also several iconic places you can visit.

There is Komodo national park where you can see the Komodo dragon, one of newly added on the list of seven wonders, Pink Beach, and any other iconic destination. Even though you cannot fully explore Komodo Island’s beauty through the one-day long Bali-Komodo trip but the activities and services offered on the trip are making it possible for you to get unforgettable memories.

Even the price of the one day tour from Bali to Komodo might differ. You will still able to afford one since many local tour agents provide the package with good deals. Some even let you arrange the trip plan on your own according to your preferences. Somehow, the money you spend on a Komodo Island one day-long tour usually already includes basic charges such as island crossing and entrance fees.

Charges for equipment might be needed as well if you include snorkeling on the list of activities you want to do on Komodo Island.  Moreover, if you prefer to have a professional tour guide and ranger. The trip might require some more amounts on the price.

 Tips for Your One Day Komodo Tour

Prepare your trip by arranging a trip plan and make a checklist for what you need to do or bring for the trip are things that help you avoid any unexpected event, whether as an example. To help you make a checklist of things you need. We listed the things, which considered most important for your trip.

Right Clothes

Since the trip requires many trekking activities. We encourage you to wear and bring only clothes that will not make trekking harder for you. Choose clothes made from cotton since this kind of clothes will absorb your sweat. Also remember to have comfortable shoes or sandals on your foot.


The sun can be extremely hot and scorching, so apply the sunblock contains the highest level SPF to protect your skin. Bring your hat while trekking is advisable as well.

Cash on Your Wallet

You will not like the moment when you short on cash while on a one day tour from Bali to Komodo and it will difficult to find an ATM. Therefore, so we encourage you to prepare cash on your wallet (of course only Indonesian bills).

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