Batu Biru Beach | Location, Acces and Entrance Ticket

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Batu Biru Beach | Location, Acces and Entrance Ticket

Area Penggajawa, Nangapanda, Kabupaten Ende, Nusa Tenggara Timur, has a beach that has waves that are exotic and also has uniqueness in the stones that are there. The beach is called Batu Biru Beach.

A lot of interesting tourist destinations on the Island of Flores. in Flores there is a beach that has a stretch of stone-colored green. This beach is called Batu Biru Beach. But many people also call this beach as a Green Stone Penggajawa.


Batu Biru Beach (

The Hills Yana

The hills Yana is located next to the beach. Tourists can see the rocks colored green that clings on a cliff with a very neat. Rocks of this size and the color is exactly the same as the shoreline. The view that here also creates a sense of gratitude and amazement that extraordinary.

The Limestone Cliffs Are Colored Green

Along the Coast of the Blue Stones stretch of limestone cliffs which have a green color which creates a panorama of this beach stunning. This hill can be used as a suitable place to see and enjoy the beauty of the landscape and enjoy the sunset around the beach.

At The Beach Stone Blue

Unfortunately in the tourist area of Batu Biru Beach is not there are adequate facilities because the beach is only managed by the local community is not managed by the government.

Opening hours and Admission Prices

Beach blue stone is open every day and 24 hours and the cost of entrance to the beach is free. For you who bring a vehicle of your personal motorcycle or car in the settlement of the colors around and just give the parking money to taste. Very fun open, to see a more beautiful sight in this beach does not cost that much.

The location and Route

Beach Stone Blue located in Penggajawa, Nangapanda, Ende District, East Nusa Tenggara. To go to the location of this beach you can take a line from the center of the city of Ende by a distance of about 20 km to the Beach of Blue Stones. You can use a private vehicle or public transport. If riding public transport you can go to the Terminal of the Nao and shift transport towards Nanga Panda. Next, you can ask the conductor to drop you at the Beach the Blue Stone because transit has a route passing through the line of the beach.

Tips Travelling

  1. Before you go on vacation make sure your body or your relatives in a state of fit or better.
  2. Take the purposes you need during a vacation.
  3. If you want to sunbathe it is suggested you bring sunblock high SPF so that your skin does not burn under the heat of the sun.
  4. Prepare your camera and the Powerbank.
  5. You are advised to bring a change of clothes.
  6. It is advisable to you use footwear or comfortable clothes.
  7. You guys don’t forget if you want to maintain the cleanliness of the environment the beach or around the beach.

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