List of Beach in Padar Island

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List of Beach in Padar Island

Padar island is an island in Nusa Tenggara Timur. This island belongs to the third largest island in the tourist area of Komodo National Park. The existence of the island of Padar is the more it gets exposed the better for the traveler. The contours of Padar island itself has a lot of high hills. It is increasingly making it to the exotic island to view its natural beauty from the heights.

In addition, it can look at the beauty of nature from a height, the Island also has great deals to look at underwater beauty. The state of the sea full of plants and coral reefs and have the kind of fish that is still full and natural beauty of panorama under the sea. In addition, in the area of the waters of certain if you go snorkeling or diving then you will find a collection of huge Stingrays / Manta rays and even Dolphins and Whales.
There are several beaches that surround and exist on this island. The following will describe some of the beaches.

List of Beach in Padar Island

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1. Beach Long Beach

The existence of the Coast Long Beach hotel is close to the island of Padar. Its beaches have sand that smooth and sweeping as well as have to-it’s that is colored pink. This beach also has a beach which is quite long as well as decorates the trees like the one in the savanna on the coastal beaches. The trees add to the beauty of the panorama of this beach.

To get the color of the sand beach which is better than visit this beach when the afternoon. Due to the end of the day the color of the sand almost perfectly colored pink. However, when visited in the morning or during the day the color of the sand is less resemble pink.

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2. The Coast Of The Island Of Padar

The Island of Padar is one of the favorites of the tourists. The beach on the island of Padar owns this very well when a visit to the location of this island. Underwater panorama is very beautiful. There are plants, corals and fish are very pretty. Some visitors who do Snorkeling or Diving very amazed by the beauty of underwater nature.

On this island have 3 pieces of the bay very beautiful if seen from the top of the hill. But that does not mean the panorama under the sea is not privileged its beauty. This has been proven for visitors who love to do Snorkeling or Diving.

3. Beach Of Rinca Island

Rinca island itself is known by an island which is the habitat of the first animals the Komodo dragons are. Indeed Komodo Island itself is famous for the Komodo dragon habitat that many wills but on Rinca Island is the habitat of the first animals that.

In addition, Rinca Island also offers a beach that is very beautiful. Because an island that closes to each other certainly has a beauty that is almost the same. However, the existence of sand beach here feels more hot and exotic. It is because of the contour of the area that almost resembles a savanna.

4. The Beach Wae Rana

This beach is located in the area of Labuan Bajo. For whenever to the beach is quite far from the Island of Padar. However, this Beach has a beauty that is quite interesting. The water of the beaches has a color that is bluish were the color of the sparkles if exposed to the scorching sun. It makes the panorama of the exotic.
Selin it biota the sea was very nice and on the beach has fished very minimal so indirectly kelangsunga living biota was still awake. Very good to do Snorkeling and Diving.

Here are some of the beaches that can be visited are located around the island of Padar. It’s good when your next trip to the Beach in the area of East Nusa Tenggara, visitors should maintain also the cleanliness of the beaches so that the cleanliness and life of the biota is maintained and sustainable.

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