Beauty and Tranquility on the Beach of Bidadari

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Beauty and Tranquility on the Beach of Bidadari

Bidadari Island is one of the Island on the island save the beauty of the amaze. The island is in the category of the Big Island in west Flores. On this Island, there are no Komodo. So you all need not worry to roam. The name of the Angel is a name that is very fitting, considering the island to save the beauty who good along the trip.
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Overview Of Angel Island

Bidadari Island Flores

Overall, the land around Bidadari Island is surrounded by the hills, trees and also the sand with pure white color. Not surprising also if the place is known as the White Sand Beach. The beauty of the underwater is also very stunning. For it is very suitable if you all have a hobby of diving. More than that, the existence of the turquoise water with the waves a little more interesting stay. Visitors can relax, do snorkeling and also diving.

For you who are just learning to dive, or amateur divers the island is very suitable for you to go. You can see the coral reefs and aquatic life of the sea below the depth of 5 meters. If you dare to dive deeper, you will find a turtle with large size. But, if you can not dive but want to enjoy the underwater beauty, you can go snorkeling around the coral reefs.

With all the underwater beauty such, it is not surprising if a lot of tourists from abroad visiting the Island of Lombok. Not only diving and snorkeling course, more than that, you can also do a variety of activities other water sports. A lot of interesting activities that you can make a choice. It could be said, Angel island this is the place to spend a holiday in peace.

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Diving and also snorkeling to be the main activity in Bidadari Island to enjoy the beauty of the reef and the coral sea and also diverse biota other interesting. Guaranteed, you will feel satisfied once swimming and also plays in the sand. In addition, you can also relax and enjoy the tranquility and views that are around. Don’t forget, during the afternoon there will be a beautiful sunset.


Regarding the facilities, in the vicinity of Angel Island, there are approximately 10 hotels with complete services and also a five-star restaurant. Almost all the resort’s facilities diving international standards.

Access To Bidadari Island

For the location, the Island one is located in Labuan Bajo, Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. If you happen to travel from Bali, then you can do the flight to Labuan Bajo for 1.5 hours. Then, from Labuan Bajo, you can ride a boat for 30 minutes. However, if you use the speedboat, only requires the travel time for 10 minutes.
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