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April 23, 2019
Flores and Komodo Two Inseparable Unity
April 29, 2019

Boat Tour Komodo Island with

Review Komodo Island

Review Komodo Island

Boat tour Komodo Island. Indonesia is indeed a country that holds amazing natural beauty. Where one of them is the Komodo island located in East Nusa Tenggara. Komodo Island is the original habitat of the Komodo dragon which is the largest lizard in the world and you can see them at this islands.

But visiting this island is not only served by dragons, but you will be invited to see the other beauty that is on the island.
To reach this island, you can depart from Bali City or other cities by plane. Where you can search for flights directly to Labuan Bajo, which cost around 100$. But for your comfortable trip, you can contact

Excellent Komodo Tour will offer you some tour package with top facilities. One of the tour packages is you can take boat tour Komodo Island. Which will bring you to live on the sail? You can choose a date and boat tour will inform all about the boat tour, like the price and facility you will get.

When to Visit Komodo Island

Boat tour Komodo Island

The best time you can visit Komodo Island is around April To August. In that month you will get good weather and the sea will calmer. For your information, the sea around Komodo Island could get a high wave and it would be not good if you want to take a boat tour.

Where to Visit Komodo Island

So, when you take boat tour Komodo Island, you will be taken to a few tourist destination. First, you will visit Komodo Island, which is the main island. You could see Komodo dragons alive and it could be dangerous but you don’t have to worry because Komodo Island has a ranger. Ranger is a guardian for Pulau Komodo, to guard Komodo and visitor.

After Komodo Island, you will be taken for snorkeling. Snorkeling is one of the most important activity when you are in the Komodo Islands. You will see beautiful coral reefs and fish. You could see a Manta Rays, a devil sea which always you can see around the Pacific Ocean.

Boat tour to Komodo Island will take you to another destination, there is Pink Beach. This beach has some unique, which the sand have a pink color. And the pink beach at Komodo Island is one of seven pink beaches in the world.

How to Around Komodo Islands

If you are really interested to take boat tour Komodo island, you can contact

Excellent Komodo Tour will make your trip more beautiful, memorable, and easy. You will get the best service to all your trip with a good price. You will take a tour with a boat, which makes you comfortable with all the facilitaties you can get, like food, boat rent, English guide, and others.


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