Daily Diving in Komodo Island

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June 17, 2019
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June 21, 2019

Daily Diving in Komodo Island


Komodo Daily Diving presenting a pleasant experience. Feel the diving in Komodo Island will be presenting a holiday experience that is fun. You who love water sports now is the time to get the exciting experience of diving in Komodo Island. A variety of water rides with beautiful scenery can be a goal for You all.

A lot of fun places that You can visit when your next trip to Komodo Island to do diving. Start of Tatawa Island, Crystal Rock, Castle Rock to various places of exciting other exciting. Curious and can’t wait to try a fun experience? Let’s visit now too.

The Best Dive Spots World-Class

Komodo Daily Diving

Komodo island presents a spot of diving world-class, namely in Batu Bolong. Already many media that mention if the Batu Bolong included in the one spot of snorkeling in the world. With this, the make Batu Bolong increasingly well-known. This is evidenced by the many foreign tourists who come from different countries.

Batu Bolong is a small rock island located right between the Islands of Tatawa and Komodo Island as well as still being a part of the National Park of Komodo Island. Batu Bolong is famous because it presents the charm of the water attractions under the sea that is very intriguing with a variety of species of marine life will not find in other places.

When You do take a dive, then You will find a variety of thousands of fish with different size, as the fish welcomed the arrival of You. Because it has the ocean currents are always changing, it is no wonder if a lot of fish that You come across.

Not just a fish course, You will also be presented with a variety of natural beauty with coral reefs are colorful. You can see with the eyes of the head bare as were in their natural habitat.
More than that, You will also find a variety of views of the coral reefs are colorful. Don’t forget to capture every moment using the camera. Capture the moment swimming along with the beautiful fish and get diving experience the best.

Do Komodo Daily Diving with Diver Professional

Komodo Daily Diving

If still a beginner, it is advisable to use the services of a diving professional. Thus, then You will be accompanied by a diver professional who really understands the place well. This is certainly to avoid things that are not desirable.
Not only that, but the presence of seawater currents are strong also cause a variety of fish to swim around, one of them a shark with a variety of sizes. It’s certainly very dangerous for the novice diver. Given the shark is one of the predators of the sea which is very dangerous.

You can use the services of the best of excellentkomodotours which is famous as one of the organizers of the services of the best diving spots. By using the services of this then You will be guided to the location of the dives and of course also equipped with a short guide before diving. Thus, then You will also be more careful when diving.

When You dive, You will encounter different types of marine life that occupy the bottom of the sea Batu Bolong. A variety of coral reefs will be adorning the variety of the best place on the cliffs of the flat. regarding the color, the coral reef comes with a very attractive color fish to live inside. There are even some who make as their natural habitat.

The advantages of using the services of the diving professional

By using the services of a diving professional, of course, You will get some of the excesses. These advantages are as follows:
1. For beginners will get guided diving to minimizing the things that are not desirable
2. Equipped with the most professional guides, so no need to worry when diving
3. Diving equipment is best for You all so that security will be maintained
4. Cheap prices and friendly

Diving certainly adds to the experience exciting and fun. Now it’s time for You all to do this fun activity together excellentkomodotours.com. ¬†Enjoy Komodo Daily Diving with us.

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