Experience The Fun of Visiting Pink Beach

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June 21, 2019
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June 25, 2019

Experience The Fun of Visiting Pink Beach

boat to komodo island

boat to komodo island

Boat from Labuan Bajo to Pink Beach become one of the transportation fun that could be an option almost everyone is happy to visit the Beach. The beach is synonymous with white sand that area so it is very fun to play. But have You ever thought of visiting a beach with sand that is colored Pink? Imagine a beach with sand is colored pink, it’s beautiful, isn’t it?

The beach is located on Komodo Island. In accordance with the color of the sand. The beach was given the name Pink Beach. Pink beach is still included in the tourist area of Komodo Island. Not only to save the beauty and natural wealth under the sea. More than that, Pink Beach also save the various species of fish, hundreds of corals and various types of beautiful coral reefs.

Transportation to Pink Beach

Boat from Labuan Bajo to Pink Beach

The beach is in the province You can visit by boat or rent a speed boat from Labuan Bajo. A lot of tour packages that You can make a choice. Of the many tour services, You can use the services of a tour excellentkomodotour. Tour package this one will take You from Rinca Island then to the Island of Komodo. From Labuan Bajo up to Loh Buaya in Rinca Island, it takes less than 45 minutes. On the Island, You can instantly watch the original habitat of the Komodo dragon.

Regarding travel time, from the Pier of Loh Liang required travel time approximately 30 minutes to get to Pink Beach. If You have a desire to do trekking along the cliffs of coral as well as mangrove forests, then the required travel time up to 4 hours with the walk to end can be up at the Pink Beach.

When You use the services of tour excellentkomodotours, then You have got a full package of travel. Remember if You depart from Bali, then You directly on the transfer in the hotel where You stay until the end You delivered to the Airport for flight to Labuan Bajo. Arriving in Labuan Bajo, the team excellentkomodotours, it’s ready to pick up to continue the trip to Pink Beach which is a series of a tour to Komodo island is.

Tips travel to Pink Beach

Travel to Pink Beach

Need to know if the area around the Pink Beach there is no stall. Thus, it is suggested You all take the journey to taste. Regarding the provision of needed such as drinks, medicines, change of clothes, hats, to sunglasses. About the equipment for diving, You need not worry, the team excellentkomodotours already prepared everything for You.
Make sure You stay careful while swimming. Given the location of the Pink Beach is still in the tourist area of Komodo Island, so most likely the Komodo dragons wander around on the beach is still there. For that, always follow the direction of the team excellentkomodotours.



Because it is still deserted and unpopulated, it can be said the sustainability of this beach until now still awake. In the Pink Beach, You will find a hill that extends from the end of the Beach until the end of the beach the other so that adds to the beauty of Komodo Island. Located on a beautiful beach as well as amazing add to the atmosphere more fun.

The existence of watercolor sea green turquoise is a pity if passed. Not only that, the presence of coral around the beach further adds to the atmosphere becomes wonderful. Activities snorkeling as well as diving into one of the fun things that You can try.

In addition, You also can try the experience of sunbathing on soft sand and on the beach which is beautiful. Remember don’t forget to capture the moment this beautiful. In addition, don’t miss the beautiful sunset that is beautiful and amazing.

Quite fun isn’t it? Now is the time You immediately scheduled a vacation to Pink Beach by using the services of tour best excellentkomodotour. Just book and enjoy a fun trip to Pink Beach. Once again enjoy the journey with the use boat from Labuan Bajo to Pink Beach.


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