Flores Island and All its Beauty

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November 17, 2019
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Flores Island and All its Beauty

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Flores Komodo tour presenting a variety of options from which to draw for all of us. One holiday to the Island of Rinca. This island is an island in the Archipelago of Nusa Tenggara Timur. The island is also the largest island to the two that are in there. Adjacent to the Island of Komodo. Of course, we are already quite familiar with the name of the Island of Komodo. But rarely hear the name of the Island of Rinca own. The island is also rarely exposed by the media if compared to the Island next to it, namely the Island of Komodo.

However, if We dig up information about the Island of Rinca this correctly then don’t be surprised with its history. Why is that? Yes, because on the island this is the first there are also Ancient Animals that famous and up to this point were Ancient Animals that still live well on this island.

Overview The Island Of Rinca

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On the Island of Rinca is also We can enjoy attractions such as the Island of Komodo. Here, there are also other animals that live together with such as Boar, Monkey, Deer, Buffalo, Snakes, Wild Horses, Sea Eagles, Hen of the Woods, the Birds Singed and the big Brother Bird-old.

Because the contours of the territory of the dominant grassland and soil type match with the texture of the clay so as to make the animal such as the above quite easily and can survive a long time.

On this island also the number of the animal population of the Komodo dragon is the largest if compared with the Komodo Island itself. Its population ranged from 2.318 tail of the Komodo dragon. It also does not include the number of other animals that live there also.

In addition to the many animals that live on this island. Rinca island has also been included in the category of World Heritage Site selected by UNESCO and a National Parks that is protected not only by the State but by the World.

Interesting things on the Island of Rinca

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Time travel Flores Komodo Tour to the Island of Rinca you will meet a variety of interesting things. This island also there is a stretch of savanna that is beautiful and the hills exotic evocative to step on. No need to fear with its animal majority of wild because We are always accompanied by a Ranger every time I want to down the detail of this location. It’s just that We need to comply with regulations to maintain safety when the adventure.

Not only that. We as visitors are also required to bring lunch. Because the contours are hilly. The soil is pretty soft and the weather is fairly hot, it is very needed when adventuring. And for those of us who have wound wet or easy to bleeding, then you should resign first course. Why is that? Because the Komodo dragon has a vision and a keen sense of smell of the blood so that it can harm us as visitors.

Even so. If We can control the cuts that we have minimum then We can still be down the island is, of course, also with the guidance and consultation on the Ranger.  Because of its natural conditions the category is still Virgin. We can also travel in the coastal area of the beach which famous with white sand, a clear blue sea. There We can relax but also need to increase vigilance against movements of the Ancient Animals of this.

The Other Side Of The Island Of Flores

If boredom began to appear. We can try another alternative with down the savanna up to the ridge and gazed at the magnificent area of the island from the summit. It is the best way to see the condition of the island is good and this location is the best advice and have the category is safe from the attack of the ancient Animals that. We can do activities like capture the moment of the journey both of us.

Aside from all of the above. It turns out that on the Island of Rinca is also still there are citizens. They live side by side with Reptiles famous with her saliva and have deadly bacteria. Don’t just live side by side course. The people were also very friendly and also provide Our needs if at any time run out of supplies.  Travel Flores Komodo Tour this is very fun. Now is the time you determine the time is right now.

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