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May 9, 2019
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Flores Overland Tours



Flores overland tours

Flores overland tours

Flores overland tours. If you want an exotic trip, maybe you can visit Flores were located at East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Flores is one of the city in Indonesia which has many tourist destinations. Flores has many famous places you could see and visit, also you can enjoy your trip alone or with Flores Overland Tour.

To go to Flores, you can take a flight from Bali City or any other city to Maumere or Labuan Bajo. You can book a flight by using Traveloka or contact http://excellentkomodotours.com which is the easiest way to book the flight. Flight from Bali or any other city to Flores will cost you around 100$.

If you want to choose another transportation you could take a tour boat from Bali.  Tour boat to Flores will bring another adventure trip, which you can see this tour package at ExcellentKomodoTours. This tour package will cost you around 600$ until 800$ depend on how long you want to be there. All the tour package have many services for your trip.

When to Visit Flores Overland Tours

The best time to visit Flores is around April to August, which around that time you could get good weather and also the sea will calm. Besides that, from April to August you could do water activity like snorkeling or swimming to see colorful fishes and coral reefs.

Where to Visit Flores

When you choose Flores Overland Tour, you can visit many tourist destinations. The first main destination is Komodo Islands which one of the island you can see Komodo dragons live wild and free. At this island, you can also visit many spot destination, like Pink Beach which one of seven pink beaches in the world. Snorkeling to see colorful fishes under the sea and beautiful coral reefs. You can also enjoy the sunset and sunrise.

Komodo Island is not the one main destination when you at Flores. You could visit Kelimutu Lake, which is a lake with three colors. Kelimutu Lake is really beautiful, where you can see three lakes with a different color. When you visit this lake you can also enjoy the scenery, like Forrest and monkeys who live there. A trip to Kelimutu Lake, you could visit Pengga Jawa Nanga Penda to see Blue Stone. You can also visit Soa to enjoy the hot springs.

At Flores, You could visit Bena Village to see the megalithic collect stone, which is part of history. You can visit Aimee and Borong and see local people make Tuak or local wine which is really interesting how to make it.

Where to Stay At Flores

When you are visiting Flores you could find hotels were near to Maumere or Labuan Bajo. At that area has many hotels you could choose and will cost you around 35$ until 100$ depends on the facilities and services.

How to Around Flores

If you want to get an amazing trip to Flores, you can choose the Flores Overland Tours and contact http://excellentkomodotours.com.

Trip to Flores by Excellent Komodo Tour, you can enjoy a nice trip with a good price. You can choose the tour packages which all include hotel, English guide, boat ticket, tip to ranger, car and many more.

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