Enjoy The Beauty of Flores Along with The Flores Overland Tour

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April 12, 2019
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Enjoy The Beauty of Flores Along with The Flores Overland Tour


Indonesia is known as the largest archipelago country, where there are many islands that can be visited and also cannot be denied beauty, one of which is Flores which is in East Nusa Tenggara. Where you can visit this place with the Flores overland tour.

in Flores, there are so many tourist attractions that you can visit, where there are several places that are already famous to foreign countries, where one of them is Komodo Island. Vacationing in Flores certainly will not disappoint, moreover there are many other place that has a natural beauty.

Flores Overland Tour For Unforgotten Holiday

Flores Overland Tour

Flores itself is famous for its natural beauty which indeed has become the identity of the region. Where many places will make you feel relaxed when you see all the beauty that will be presented. Here are some places you can visit while on Flores :

Komodo Islands

When visiting Flores, tourist attractions that you need to visit are Komodo Island. Hear the name of the island, of course, you can see dragons that live freely in the open. However, not only Komodo dragons can you see, there are many other tourist attractions that have charms that are also no less interesting and beautiful, such as Pink Beach, snorkeling with Manta Pari and many more.

Kelimutu Lake

The next destination you can visit is Lake Kelimutu, where the lake is actually far more famous than Komodo Island. The lake itself has a beauty that you cannot forget, where you can see three lakes that have different colors. This lake also has interesting mythological stories to know. You can visit this lake with Flores Overland Tour. You can also see forest tours on the way to visit this lake.

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Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is also the main destination when you visit Flores, where Labuan Bajo is the entrance to the Komodo Island National Park. This location can not only see Komodo dragons, but there are many other tourist attractions that you can visit that have charms that you will not forget.

Kanawa Islands

Kanawa Island is a very interesting destination, where you can hiking and snorkeling in damage. This island has a lot of interesting and fascinating charm. When visiting this island alone you can do several activities that can spoil your eyes. Kanawa Island also holds another beauty, where this place is known as a photo spot that can be a memory that is not forgotten for you.

Bidadari Island

The last destination you should not miss is Bidadari Island, which on this island will invite you to snorkel to see the beauty of the underwater world. You will be able to get stunning underwater views, where beautiful coral reefs and fishes will welcome you.

These are some of the places you can visit while on Flores. If you really want to see more beautiful places in the area, you can contact Flores overland tour which will provide the best service while you are on vacation.

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