Down the Goa Stone Mirror is a Full Wall of Sparkling

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December 20, 2019
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Down the Goa Stone Mirror is a Full Wall of Sparkling

Speaking of Labuan Bajo, of the power remember we will be taken straight to the places that beautiful and full of charm. Of the many attractions that exist, Goa Batu Cermin has now become one of the destinations that are visited by many. At first glance, the tourist attractions this one has a name that makes us all curious.

The existence of the interesting places this one gives depth to our visit to Labuan Bajo is more complete. In addition to visiting Komodo Island is filled with historical value, we can also visit the other places are no less beautiful. Moreover, Goa this one has a beam that draws anyone. At first glance, it Looks like sunlight bouncing from the mirror. Rather than getting curious, just, check out the full review here.

Review Goa Batu Cermin

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The history of Goa a Unique

Goa Stone Mirror was discovered in 1951 by an archaeologist named Theodore Verhoven. Supposedly, this Cave is the beginning of being under the sea for millions of years and then lifted to the surface. Related to the breadth, Goa is an interesting one it has an area of approximately 19 hectares with a height of approximately 75 meters.

The existence of the salt content within the walls of the cave produces the reflection of the rays of the sun.
From the beginning of the discovery, many crowded tourists visit goa. It is definitely because of it curious if it is able to reflect light like a mirror. In the day time, countless quite a lot of tourists who visit in goa are narrow. Travelers can enjoy the scenery along the 200 meters with a guided tour guide professional.

How to go to Goa

If you are on vacation in Labuan Bajo and want to enjoy the scenery unique in the goa, no need to worry. Goa is located approximately 4 kilometers. If you want to travel while enjoying the scenery. Please, you travel afoot. It approximately takes 1 hour by walk.

If you do not want Tired, you can use the services of the motor transport provided by the surrounding population. More or less it is a 15-minute drive away. If the use of motor vehicles, arriving at a Red Light Wae Matta, visitors can directly turn to the left until meeting the regent’s office and also the office of the police. The journey continued down the road until you meet a turn with the inscription “ the Way the Stone Mirror”. Continue to follow the road to get to the location.

Overlooking the Goa’s Interesting

Goa Stone Mirror will be crowded with visitors from 9 to 10 am. It is due to the curious travelers with the walls of the cave reflect the light of the sun. But, not just the morning alone. The afternoon is also crowded with visitors. The existence of the environment around goa is still beautiful also be the cause of a large number of tourists visit to goa. You will encounter a lush jungle and cool. If you continue up into the forest. You will find a variety of interesting sights. Not only the flora of course. More than that, the tone aka monkey interesting if used as an object of photography.

Stalactite and Stalagmite Cave that is Beautiful

If we see at a glance part of the walls of the cave will see some fossils of tortoise and turtle. This is because goa’s ever been in the sea. In addition to enjoying the scenery is still beautiful, visitors can learn various forms of living beings in the days of yore.  Down deeper, you will see stalactite and stalagmite.

Given the region of goa are narrow, then there will be a Limit of visitors that can enter into it.  In once upon a time travel, it takes less than 30 minutes and can only be followed by 10 visitors and a guide. The presence of stalactites and stalagmites make the cave is very humid.

Ticket Prices

To be able to enjoy the beauty of Goa Batu Cermin, every tourist is charged a ticket of 10 thousand dollars only. Then for the services of a tour guide, he is only 20 thousand only. For ease of travel, we recommend using the services of travel or travel services travel. We recommend using a travel agent for Excellentkomodotours. You can choose a variety of interesting destinations. Direct course, visit the website at

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