5 Fact About The Komodo Island You Should Know

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5 Fact About The Komodo Island You Should Know

Island Of Komodo

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Before your next trip to the Island of Komodo, there are a few things you should know first. Because there you will visit the tourist attractions of Komodo world’s largest and there is only one – only one in Indonesia. Therefore, you can’t recklessly visit the habitat of protected animals such. Below, there is an explanation of facts about the island that you will visit and what you need to pay attention to during a vacation in there.

The Origin Of Komodo Island

About the history of the island itself, it turns out that finding it is not the local population or the people of Indonesia. But a Dutch researcher named Steyn Van Hens Broek. At that time. He heard reports about the presence of an island inhabited by a bunch of animals like a dragon. After that. He then did the expedition of the research in there and send us the results of his research through document publication to the Museum in Bogor.

Travel routes in the Island

Of course, called the resort island because there you not only meet with Komodo, but you can also enjoy a variety of entertainment both the scenery and the rides that are already prepared for you and the other travelers. The most sought after by domestic and foreign tourists is diving, snorkeling, fishing, canoeing, etc. Not only that, but you can also enjoy the atmosphere at the top of the hill by doing camping and hiking with your friends.

The Location Of The Island

Komodo island is located in the east of Indonesia, more specifically in the east of Sumbawa Island Nusa Tenggara. The island is located in the westernmost tip of Nusa Tenggara Timur Province which borders West Nusa Tenggara. For you who live on the Island of Java, Sumatra or Kalimantan can to there using a means of transport by sea or air. The choice of the most fitting indeed with the use of aircraft, but because the cost is rather expensive than frequently hunting for cheap tickets.

Listed As Wonders Of The World

In 2013, Komodo Island by the organization of the new seven wonders named as one of the seven wonders in the world. This is what makes the island of Komodo is special and attracts many visitors to enjoy nature. The signing is done directly by the President of the New Seven Wonder of Organisation namely Bernard Weber. Housed in the Komodo National Park on September 13, 2013.

Tourist attractions in Komodo Island

Island of Komodo

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Until now, the island is still managed by the central government. There are three large islands within the auspices of the Komodo National Park the Island of Padar, Rinca Island and Komodo Island itself. In it, there are hundreds of species of animals from various regions, especially the fusion between animal species of Asia and Australia. As for the number of animals that are protected as much as 25 species scattered all over the island.

That is information about facts you should know before you decide to vacation on the Island of Komodo. Make sure to people you want to invite to there that you’re already very aware of the situation and the current conditions there. However, you should also be sure to keep abreast of the info – latest info are not less useful also.

Please see the information more complete on the website excellentkomodotours.com. So your holiday will be more fun and in line with expectations. Hopefully, the article above can slightly bring positive benefits to reference both of you. Happy holidays.

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