A Memorable vacation in Kanawa Island

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February 5, 2020
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A Memorable vacation in Kanawa Island

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No one denied if Labuan Bajo destination travel is most popular in Indonesia in particular. Because region one has a lot of outstanding natural beauty. Already very many of the tourists who visit to enjoy all the beauty that there is in this city. A lot of the city that You can choose, one of them Kanawa Island.


Kanawa Island

Kanawa island is an island located in the region of Flores, Nusa Tenggara Timur, which has an area of approximately 35 hectares with a natural beauty that is still natural and very exotic. Moreover, it refers to the beauty of the beach or underwater life is very special.

The sea is turquoise and the sand white beaches plus the charm of the vast sky seemed to be welcoming the tourists who will come to visit. Not only that, but the island also offers a garden under the sea which is required for You to watch.

Charm, the beauty under the sea in Kanawa Island can be easily found when a new set foot on the dock. With the surface of the seawater is very clear will be able to easily see the coral reefs and variety of marine life in there.
Activities such as diving and snorkeling to be a fitting choice for You when visiting to see this one.

In the sea, You will be in present a beauty of the creator that actually. Like the sighting of the fish colorful, mola-mola, turtle up the various coral reef habitat is still very awake.

On the afternoon of the day on the island that is at the ends of the thymus, Indonesia seawater will slowly recede. Usually, this occasion is utilized by the tourists for the hunting of marine life trapped in small corals on the outskirts of the beach. Such as small crabs, sea stars, up to the bristles of a boar that makes its own impression while on vacation to the beach.

Activity in Kanawa Island

The excitement of hunting marine life during low tide becomes one of the most in favor of the tourists. This is because tourists do not have to dive to see marine biota such. But, for those of You who still want to do diving or snorkeling in this place, it was a Diving Center as a place for the rental of diving gear.

Not just a place of equipment rental scuba diving course, Diving Center can also guide You to get the dive site that is certainly very good.

Stay in Kanawa Island

If Tone wants to search for an available 13 cottage you can rent. Although relatively simple, the cottage is very comfortable and worthy to be used as a resting place to relieve fatigue. Located close to the beach, certainly can create an atmosphere of peace and quiet plus sound-natural sound so exotic.

Visiting the Beach will cause a relaxing effect on body and mind, very saying if passed. The cost of rent is quite affordable, starting from Rp 300,000 per night.

Access to the site

Picture by: wisatalabuanbajo.co.id

An island that is located approximately 15 kilometers and can be reached within a 50-minute sea journey from Labuan Bajo by using a transport engine boat or speed boat. The cost of a hire of ships for one-way rentals starts from IDR 250,000. As for the cost to rent a speed boat starts from Rp 60,000 per person.

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