Kelapa Tinggi Beach | Location, Acces and Entrance Ticket

Ketapang Satu Beach | Location, Acces and Entrance Ticket
April 4, 2020

Kelapa Tinggi Beach | Location, Acces and Entrance Ticket

Kelapa Tinggi Beach located in the eastern region Appraisal is present with a vast expanse of brown sand-colored blackish. Views of the beaches make this one save its own charm. Plus the atmosphere is still quiet and beautiful. It certainly adds to the impression of the fun when visiting. More curious about the beauty of the beach on this one? Here we present the full review.

Review Kepala Tinggi Beach

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The beach is at the eastern end of this Indonesian save their own views in the form of mangrove trees around the beach which adds to the atmosphere. When the afternoon arrived, it seems a lot of small children who play around the beach. For you who have a plan for a visit, we suggest bringing food from home. Remember around the beach no one selling eat.

To be able to get to the location, please you are heading towards Soe then stop at the entrance road approximately 100 meters from one of the Bank branches in the province, then proceed with using public transport. After that, there will be a driveway of approximately 500 meters to the location. On the last trip, you all will see the beautiful view of the hills of the green color and the area of rice fields along the right and left of the road.


Kelapa Tinggi Beach is located in the Hamlet (High oil), springs Village, Kecamatan Kupang Tengah, Kabupaten Kupang, NTT. In addition to this beautiful beach, there are still approximately 40 tourist attractions in Kupang. To facilitate the journey, You can use the navigation.

Entrance Ticket

For this we know, the price of admission has a total difference, between the holidays, days of the week or ordinary day. In addition, the price can change at any time. To be able to get to the location, either holidays or normal days do not incur the cost of admission. It can be said there is no admission price to get into the Kelapa Tinggi Beach.

Opening Hours

Every tourist spot, of course, has the opening hours and the lid respectively. It also applies to tourist attractions in Kupang. For hours, the beach is the eastern tip of Indonesia this has hours open for 24 hours. You can come anytime along with the loved ones without having to worry about opening hours or the lid.

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