The Beauty Of The Beach Of The Island Kepa

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The Beauty Of The Beach Of The Island Kepa

The coast of the Island Kepa in East Nusa Tenggara can be regarded as a paradise for lovers of the beach as well as snorkeling. Beach this one saves the natural landscape and not much visited by tourists. In addition, if you have an interest in cultural tourism, the beach at the eastern end of Indonesia is also fitting to visit. Local residents are friendly and still holding the traditional cultural makes anyone reluctant to leave.

In addition to enjoying the charm, the beauty of nature, learn the culture along with the surrounding population. As a tourist, you can also enjoy the thrill of snorkeling on the Beach Kepa. More curious with its beauty? Let’s see more description here.

Interesting activity on the Beach Kepa


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As I’ve said before, the island this one is not only saving the natural beauty of the course. More than that, also you can use it for snorkeling. A variety of tourists from foreign countries come to do snorkeling or diving. Fun activities one is usually done for half a day.

Related to the cost, each person will be charged Rp. 50.000. Then for the activities of diving, it will be somewhat longer than snorkeling. Given the many travelers who will be invited to dive with the use of motorboats. For the price of diving also varies. Depending on how long and how many people participate.

If you want to get a cheaper price, we suggest inviting a lot of entourage. You can get together with friends or family to do the diving. Additional information, the package to do snorkeling and diving is offered by a few managers that are around the beach. Directly, you go to get more information.



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In addition to doing interesting activities such as snorkeling and diving, tourists can also hire a hassle around the beach. The price of rent is also very varied. It costs about 150,000 to 300,000 for each person. It is rather expensive. However, the price is commensurate with the facilities as well as an exciting experience that you will get.

If you want to save more, you can bring a mat and cushion for you to take along. It certainly will save your budget. After snorkeling, you can directly take a break by sitting around the beach. So rest more fun, you can also while carrying supplies in the form of snacks and also drinks.

Access To The Beach Of The Island Kepa

To be able to get to the location required a distance of fewer than 30 minutes from the Town of Kalabahi, Alor Island. From Alor Island to the Island of Kepa approximately 500 meters. But, might not be able to reach by using a private vehicle. It takes the boat to reach the beautiful Island on this one.

Just calm down, to use boat transportation also does not cost that expensive. One person is enough to pay 15,000. The fishermen around the island not only serve the transfer course. More than that, also ready to take you all around the island at a very affordable cost.

Quite challenging and fun isn’t it? Don’t belong, just schedule your trip to the Island of Kepa. Wait for interesting information about the attractions in Nusa Tenggara Timur from the Tour Komodo from Bali Excellentkomodotour.

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