Ketapang Satu Beach | Location, Acces and Entrance Ticket

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Ketapang Satu Beach | Location, Acces and Entrance Ticket

A lot of places that can be utilized as a vehicle to spend the afternoon with beautiful scenery and riveting, one of them is the beach. A place synonymous with overlooking the expanse of seawater and white sand is indeed always interesting. Especially if you are a person who loves to enjoy the beauty of the sunset. Come to the beach, of course, be one of the activities that should not be missed.

Of the many beaches in Kupang, Ketapang Satu Beach is one of the beaches that offer beautiful scenery as well as stunning. For it is very fitting if you want to enjoy a romantic evening together with loved ones. For the full review, listen to continue the discussion here.

Attraction Ketapang Satu Beach

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The beach is located on the eastern tip of Indonesia is not only famous for the scenery of the sunset course. More than that places such as this one to be a favorite location of young children who want to spend time together with loved ones. Quite a lot of young people who take advantage of the beautiful scenery of the beach on this one to express love to his partner.

Behind the romantic atmosphere that it has, it turns out there is one of the myths that is interesting that until now is still widely trusted. From the story I get, if a spend time together with a partner, then after the home could be going to break up his love. But, it’s all just a myth. You all need not worry. As long as the keep the behavior when visiting.
Given the large number of visits now the government has started giving various facilities. Facilities in the form of seating and also some small houses that are around the beach. These facilities will certainly make you all the more comfortable when a visit to the beach.

Not to stop there, in addition to providing a seat and also a gazebo, the local government also provides road access to down the rocks. If the condition of the water was receding, you can take advantage of this time to playing in the water or looking for corals that are at some point of the beach.

Sunset views are Stunning

As I’ve described previously if Ketapang Satu Beach is famous for its sunsets. You can enjoy its beauty at 17.00 WITA. Late in the afternoon, the scenery will be more beautiful. Don’t forget to capture beautiful moments with the camera favorite.

While enjoying the beauty of the sunset, all of you can also buy snacks to sellers who are around the beach. You can sit while enjoying tea or coffee. The more complete isn’t it?


  • ¬†Parking Area
  • Dining
  • Toilet
  • Spot interesting photos

Opening hours and Admission Prices

The beach one is open for a full 24 hours. For that, you can all visit anytime. Then maybe the price of the ticket is Rp. 5,000 only and for a fee parking of two-wheeled vehicles is Rp. 2,000 and for four-wheel vehicles is Rp. 5.000. Is it quite affordable is not it?

Location and Access to the Location

Ketapang Satu Beach was in the Jl, Sumatra, Tedokisar, District of the Old City, Kupang City, East Nusa Tenggara.
Regarding access, the road is also quite easy. You can use public transport with lights number 6. The cost of transportation is also quite cheap. That Is Rp. The 3,000 rupiah, and tell to the driver to take it to the location.

How very interesting is not it? Now is the time you scheduled the trip interesting with dear ones. Additional information, if you are not the original Kupang, preferably using tourist services. We recommend tour Komodo from Bali from Excellentkomodotours.

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