Kolbano Beach | Location, Acces and Entrance Ticket

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Kolbano Beach | Location, Acces and Entrance Ticket

From time to time the Beach Kolbano more alluring tourists. The beach that was once quiet is now bustling visited by travelers. Especially with the increasing interest of tourists to visit the city that is still natural. The beach is located on the eastern tip of Indonesia is certainly more interesting to visit.

The beauty of the Beach that is Still Natural

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The beach located in the Village Kolbano, District Kolbani, South Central Timor Regency is indeed saving a unique landscape. The uniqueness is evident from the expanse of sand-colored black and white, complete with a stretch of rocks gravel pretty.

Not to stop there, the beauty will be more perfect with the existence of the landmark in the form of giant rocks that became the hallmark of the Beach Kolbano. Such stones are commonly called by the name “ Fata Un”. If observed at a glance, it would seem like the head of a lion.

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Access To The Site

It can be said access to the location is quite difficult. Because there is no public transportation that is ready to deliver tourists up the beach. Even so, you need not worry because you can still rent a vehicle from the City of Kupang. Don’t be surprised if the journey is quite varied. Given the way that bypassed the very winding coupled with the incline that will spur the adrenaline.

Nevertheless, concerns about the winding road will be distracted by the presence of natural scenery that you can encounter during the trip. The expanse of fields, as well as the lading of the population, is ready to accompany your trip all.

After passing through approximately 135 km, you will arrive at the beach with rocks pebbles colorful as well as the edge of a beach that is ready to make you more fascinated. A blend of blue water complete with a stretch of rocks pebbles is increasingly making travel memorable and enjoyable.

The Price Of Admission

The price of the entry ticket is very affordable. To be able to enjoy the beauty of nature that amazes, you only need to spend the cost of Rp. 2,000 to Rp. 5,000 only. Very affordable isn’t it?

Facilities Around the Beach

Associated with the facilities is still limited. For that, as a visitor, you should bring food and drink. This is because the beach is still very quiet and not a lot of traders who sell.

Quite interesting isn’t it? For you all who want to feel the thrill of the journey interesting and also fun, come to the Beach Kolbano is the right answer. Oiya, for ease of travel, you can also use the tour Komodo from Bali from Excellentkomodotours as your travel pleasant. Pack your stuff and enjoy the journey fun now also.

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