The Kolbano Beach, the Hidden Paradise at the Eastern End of Indonesia

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January 31, 2020
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The Kolbano Beach, the Hidden Paradise at the Eastern End of Indonesia

Almost everyone agreed that if the beauty of the sand beach is indeed very interesting to visit. This is because water play is very fun once. All people, young, children, even the elderly love to do activities on this one.
For you who love to play water, Kolbano Beach could be an interesting place to visit.

The beach is located on the eastern tip of Indonesia is indeed saving incredible views. Guaranteed you’re all going to want to come again and again. Here we give a brief description related to the beauty of the beach on this one.

Beach with an Interesting Legend

Come to a place of attractions is less complete if it does not know about the story interestingly. Including  Kolbano Beach this one. Behind its beautiful, attractions this one also keeps the story interesting.  Supposedly, in ancient times there is a place named Belka ma Laepun there lived a chief of the tribe of the citizens of Sole. The chief of this tribe is also recognized as a king of a kingdom known by the name of PneFaifnome.

The kingdom has a territory ranging from Hu Moen Pah nai Balka up Laepun.  Faifnome used as a symbol of the Tribe Sole. Faifnome it has the meaning of morning star. Until one day when the King of Sole gives the order to his men to make the Etu or the garden belonging to the king in a place known by the name of Noe Sop.

Eventually, Etu is planted with Science, that a plant with seeds finely shaped round and small-sized. Such plants included in the type of plant clumps, with the shape of the leaves similar to rice, including the plants from the type grass.

Until one day, when the servant of the being off guard, the plant is eaten by Kolsain. Similar birds are happy to eat food types. Until finally they are confused, especially when he heard the news of the king will come to see these plants.

See the condition that is already damaged, finally, the king asked why the plant Science can be damaged like that? Until finally the man in a lie. However, the king understood the fears of servants and eventually named the area with the name of the Kolbano, which means the birds that sound like sleigh-bells.

The Uniqueness Of The Kolbano Beach


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The same is the case with the type of the other beaches, the Beach Kolbano also save different sand with sand in general. The sand there is not the kind of I figure that is fine, but the sand is rough. It is due to the rocks that clustered up to form a sand beautiful antique exotic. The rocks look like sand, making the beach more attractive.

In addition to storing the rocks unique, tourist attractions are also very fitting used to enjoy the beautiful sunset. Supposedly the scenery of the sunset is very charming. You all are guaranteed to be fascinated by the beauty of the sunset.

Not only save the sunset views are stunning, but the Kolbano Beach also save sunrise scenery is very beautiful. The beauty of this review is almost the same as the scenery of the sunset. Both are equally beautiful. Guaranteed you will get the impression trip very fun.

Not to stop there, on the Beach Kolbano also there is a bridge that is very unique. The bridge stretched over the river Noelmina. Overlooking the river is also very exotic. Bridge with a length of 240 meters is very fitting for the spur of adrenaline.

The route, the Location and the Price of Admission

Regarding location, Kolbano Beach located in the District of East South Central, East Nusa Tenggara. About it is pretty very far, which is about 135 kilometers. Pretty much. It takes approximately 3 hours of travel to get to the location.

Streets with hills up and down, wavy and full with the incline adds to the impression of its own. Quiet all the toil during the trip will pay off arriving at the location.

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