Tour Komodo, Enjoy a thrilling Holiday in the Favorite Destination

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July 24, 2019
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Tour Komodo, Enjoy a thrilling Holiday in the Favorite Destination



Services travel Komodo Island can be a very good choice when visiting the Island of Komodo. Type of tour package this one is one of the travel packages with enthusiasts quite a lot. Especially during the holiday season as it is today. Not only from the local tourists but many foreign tourists who come to enjoy the beauty of Komodo Island.

By using Komodo day tour with an affordable price, certainly as a tourist you will all enjoy the beauty of Komodo Island became one of the Island keeps its own uniqueness. Not only famous because as a habitat of ancient animals. More than that, various tourist spots around Komodo Island is also very bad if passed.

Various Tourist Destinations in the Island of Komodo

1. Rinca Island

When you visit the Island of Komodo, the first place that you can make the choice is the Island of Rinca. Rinca island is still one cluster of Island located in the Komodo Islands. Rinca island saves beautiful nature scenery. Regarding the distance, the Island of Rinca has a closer distance from Labuan Bajo. In Rinca Island also there is the highest point, a mountain with a height of up to 670 meters above sea level. Thus, when you pay a visit to Rinca Island then you will see the scenery around the island is very beautiful from the top of the height.

Not only the komodo course. In Rinca Island, you will also see a variety of habitats other animals. You will see buffalo, birds and wild pigs. Thus for all of you travelers who have a desire to visit the island of Rinca, it is suggested to visit from morning till noon. You will also participate in interesting activities in the form of preservation of the environment with the planting of plants mangroves.

2. Kanawa Island

Not only the Island of Komodo course, but there is also another island to save the view under the sea is very clear right at the aquarium. The island is the Island of Kanawa. Kanawa island has an area of about 35 hectares. For its beauty, the Island of Kanawa is present with the natural beauty that is very charming.

No need to swim up to the bottom of the sea to be able to see the beauty under the sea the island of Kanawa. But still remember, as a traveler you are all obliged to adhere to all regulations given. Even the beauty of the Island of Kanawa is also you can see from above the surface of the sea. Use the best tour package and enjoy the holiday fun on the Island of Kanawa.

3. The Island Of Padar

After Komodo Island, Padar Island is becoming one of the very famous islands. Distinguishing between the two islands, namely the existence of animals ancient Dragons. Use the best tour package to see the area under the sea the Island of Padar which is overgrown with various grasses and trees are also great. When you are at the top of Padar Island, you can also see the beauty of the small islands around the island of Padar. It is recommended to use the shoe mount. Remember the path traversed to reach the peak is quite steep.

4. Cave Rangko

List of tourist attractions that are unique and must be visited next is Cave Rangko. Cave Rangko is located in West Manggarai Regency, NTT. A little information about the Cave Rangko. Cave Rangko this is a cave that comes with frosting in the form of stone and stalactites that are not sharp. However, unfortunately, this tourist spot is one tourist spot which has access quite difficult. To be able to get in the Cave Rangko, you have to walk quite far and don’t forget to use the services of a tour guide. Although hard to reach, but the fatigue will be paid off when you get in the Cave Rangko.

5. Wae Rabo

Imagine you come to a place that seems to be above the clouds. A fun experience this can be achieved when you follow the Komodo day tour and come to Wae Rebo. Wae Rabo is a village that is very unique and very exotic. For those of you, Wae Rebo is located in between the mountains and the local people still use the traditional house. More than that, the local people also do a variety of activities traditionally.

A strong reason why a lot of tourists who come to Wae Rebo that is because the culture is very interesting. Wae Rabo saves a culture that is very interesting, no wonder if many travelers are curious and want to study it directly.

6. Pink Beach

The beach is always identical with white sand. However, it turns out that at the eastern end of Indonesia, there is a beach with pink sand. The beach Sand is Pink this comes with a charm of its own beauty. Thus, as tourists, it is a pity if you miss the beautiful Pink Beach. Regarding the color, Pink Beach is there because of a mixture of white sand and shells are colored red. The existence of shells quite a lot of these eventually make the color of the beach turned into pink.

7. The Beach Koka

The beach Koka is a beach store view very beautiful. This beautiful beach is located in the Village of Wolowiro, Paga, Sikka Regency. Many local and foreign tourists who visit the Beach Koka. About the character of its shores, the Beach Koka present with the character of the Beach which is almost the same with these kinds of beach around the Island of Komodo.

That set, this beach is located very close to highway Maumere – Ende. Just 100 meters from the highway. Not only that. The beach Koka also save the charm of natural beauty. For that, no wonder if many tourists that make the Beaches Koka as one of the interesting moments of the holiday together with family.

8. Waterfall Cunca Walang

Journeyed far to the Island of Komodo, it is very a shame if not visit the waterfall on this one. Waterfall Cunca Wulang is located in the Woods Mbeliling. Comes with a height of 2,000 meters above sea level Waterfall Cunca Wulang look like a Green Canyon. Just has a size that is narrow if compared to the Green Canyon.

Please, you try to climb to the top. Calm down, this waterfall also has no sharp edges. For it, safe if you climb up onto it. Even so, you should discuss in advance with the guide. If you travel to the Waterfall Cunca Wulang, don’t forget to bring food and drinks. Because this waterfall does not yet have stalls that sell food and drinks.

Komodo Day Tour Cheap Excellent Komodo Tours

If you already have plans for a vacation together with your family, do not forget to prepare the best tour package. By using a tour package, then you can all enjoy the holiday with fun. Excellent Komodo Tours come with a variety of the best tour package for all of you who have plan vacation to Komodo Island. One of them is the Komodo day tour. As for the price, this package also comes with a very affordable price. Just, check the info in the official website of the excellent komodo tours.



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