Some Trips for Going to Komodo Island

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February 5, 2019
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February 12, 2019

Some Trips for Going to Komodo Island


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Want a vacation to Komodo Island ? it’s better if you read some tips before going there..

Komodo National Park is the authentic habitat of komodo, the biggest species of lizard in the world. Besides komodo, this Island also have various ecsotism of flora, such as sepang wood that are used by peoples around as a medicine and material of clothing dye. This nitak tree (sterculia oblongata), believed to be useful as a medicine and it’s seed which have a good taste like peas.

Nah, if you are interested to have a great holiday in this island, here is some tips for visit Komodo Island that you need .

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  1. Choose the Exact Time for Visiting

For sure, you never want to go to have refreshing if it’s just stay in your homestay due to rainy season.. April to June is one of best time to visit Komodo Island. In this periode, Indonesia is being a dry season, so it admit you to enjoy various outdoor activities. You can do island hopping, feel the beautiful underwater scenery, and feel free to explore the island for knowing the life of a giant lizard.

  1. Exploration Doing the Day

Komodo is one of animals which active in daylight. They usually prey from 07.00 until 09.00. After safted with hunting, they’ll spent their time with sunbathing. Therefore, it will be safer if you see them after their meal hours, since they will be lazier and not aggresive.

  1. Wear Your Comfortable Cloths

Roaming in Komodo Island was quite a long time and the route passes through the forest and the desert desolate, should use comfortable clothes to move and easy to absorb sweat. To the base of the foot, better use mountain shoes because the path trekking quite steep.

  1. Follow The Instructions Ranger

During the exploration, always follow the instructions given by the ranger or guide that will guide the journey. And don’t separate from the courses, because the forests in Komodo Island filled with wild animals like snakes, swine, wild horses, foxes, until the ferrets.

  1. Don’t Wear Perfume

In addition to the smell of blood, komodo also sensitive with smell of perfume. So it’s not advisable to wear perfume while the journey.

  1. Maintain a Distance Secure with Komodo

Make sure to keep  maintain a safe distance when viewing the komodo. According to the guides, safe distance to view or pictured with komodo is 5 meters. In addition, try not to make noise and a deep rumbling sound that will attract their attention.

  1. Don’t Approach When Komodo is Laying Eggs

Komodo such as other animal while spawn, will become more aggresive. So the most important tips when visited Komodo Island is don’t approach the komodo being spawn if you do not want to attack.

  1. Don’t Forget to Bring The Camera

The camera seems to have become one of the most important things that must be taken when treveling, so do not forget to prepare the best camera to friends around Pulau Komodo.

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