7 Things that must be Known Before to the Island of Komodo

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7 Things that must be Known Before to the Island of Komodo

Visit and enjoy the beauty of Komodo Island does not mean you do not prepare yourself to face the possibility – the possibility of the unexpected that can happen while you’re in there. Here are a few things that you must prepare before your next trip to the Island of Komodo. Surely by reading all the contents of this article, you can vacation in peace without any interference at all.

Trained Physically As Strong As Possible

Travel across the top of the mountain and the beach will require a lot of power. You certainly do not want to lose if only to drive around the island with motorcycle or bicycle only. There are so many tracks both long and short term investments. If you walk in groups through the streets of that area. Then you should keep the stamina. For that, train your body as strong as possible in order to compensate for the travel of other friends there.

Carefully For Women who Are Menstruating

Although Komodo is a rare animal that became a tourist destination the most superior there. You should not be complacent when you see it. He could have turned into a more aggressive and malignant when detecting the presence of the smell of blood. Then, for you or your friends who are menstruating should keep a safe distance. Therefore, even though the distance is dozens of meters smell the komodo dragon can still detect it.

Seeking Refuge While being chased Komodo

In their habitat, it is a very rarely encountered case of assault dragons against humans. However, because none of them locked up behind the cage then the guides will keep your safety and provide a precaution if there is a chase. If you’re being pursued. Don’t ever climb to the top of the tree because the komodo dragon is the climber accomplished. In addition, because komodo is difficult to deflect the body then run zig-zag towards the house of residents.

Keep Following The Direction Of The Guide

Make sure your journey in Komodo Island takes place safely because accompanied by a guide. You have to stay close with your guide and pay attention and follow all directions given. The guides there have been very well trained in giving information, instructions as well as save you from the pursuit of wild animals such. Don’t ever make a decision for yourself if you’re in a state of emergency.

Remain In the Group

As already stated previously that if you pay a visit to the island with your group then make sure you remain in the group. Don’t ever take the initiative careless to separate yourself from the group. Therefore, each group will be led by a guide called park rangers. They include a stick that is modified to block the attack of the komodo dragon to stay.

Don’t Harass The Komodo

The most powerful way to avoid the pursuit of the komodo dragon is not to disturb his comfort. As you know that the sense of smell komodo is very sharp with very sensitive with odors. To that end, in addition to the smell of blood komodo is also very distracted by the smell of perfume that stung. Make sure you and the members of the group not to wear it well.

Book Transportation Before Leaving

Usually for booking transportation, that the vessel connector in there to do much the day before set foot. It is considering the number of visits each day so if you want to order it on the spot, the ship you were already out for rent. So sometimes there are travelers to book tickets aboard a month or two before leaving. Please check to contact the service provider of such transport on the website concerned.

Thus the article about what should you prepare before your next trip to the Island of Komodo. To get more information, please access the website excellentkomodotours.com and have a good trip.

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