What You Need to Know About Komodo Island and The Right trip Package You

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December 3, 2019
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What You Need to Know About Komodo Island and The Right trip Package You

Komodo tour is a popular tour plan that people often choose. From many other available tour plans, a trip to Komodo Island is considered the most exciting and challenging. As a popular tourist destination, Komodo Island offers plenty of intriguing beauty of its nature and culture.

Not only able to see the Komodo dragon. The biggest lizard ever which also being the iconic part of the Island. You would also able to witness both the breath-taking landscape and the underwater scenery.

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Populated by approximately three thousand inhabitants with a different kind of religion such as Islam, Christian, and Hindu, you would not only able to enjoy the beauty of its nature but you could also experience the cultural diversity on this island and engaged with the locals.

Maybe, not many people are aware of the fact that this island is having a quite special history of its ancestors who are mostly the exiled ex-convicts. However, for those who already visited Komodo Island, they will not have time to regret their decision.

Kinds of Komodo Island Trip Package:

Being a popular and favorite trip destination, there are many kinds of tour package offered for those who want to visit Komodo Island. The offered package might be differs based on its price, facility, and duration. Some travel agents even let you have the privilege to arrange the tour plan based on your budget and needs. If you wonder what kind of tour plan that match with your preference, we already listed some Komodo Island trip packages for your consideration below :

1. Komodo tour Open Trip

The open trip itself has known as the most frequently chosen trip package by travelers because of its benefit and efficiency. The open trip package usually offers a trip with a duration of three days and two nights long.

Having yourself choose an open trip especially for your trip to Komodo Island. You probably could save up some of your hard-earned money. Besides, if you have no one to go along with you. This kind of package tour is a solution. Feel free to register for the trip and prepare yourself to experience the pure beauty of Komodo Island.

2. Private Trip Package

If you are included as the traveler who enjoys a solo or private and intimate trip, an open trip is not your cup of tea. It will better for you to choose a private trip package. You could just choose the provided package or arrange it to your preference. This kind of trip offers you a chance to be more flexible in planning your trip. In the end, no matter what kind of trip package you choose, a Komodo tour is something worth to be tried. We wish you have a great journey on Komodo Island!





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