Komodo Island tour Package Recommendations

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December 10, 2019
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December 10, 2019

Komodo Island tour Package Recommendations

Travel around is always considered as the best way to get a break from the daily routine. Besides considered a short escape, some may travel around to challenge themselves to experience new things and get engaged with the new environment. In Indonesia, there are many destinations, which perfect for your trip plan. Somehow, we choose Bali and Komodo Islands as the two best islands that worth your hard-earned money. Since those two islands are simply the best in the list of the trip destination. So we eagerly encourage you to have a Komodo tour from Bali.

We probably could say that your journey is not complete before you finally visit Komodo Island while you stay in Bali. Usually, the Bali-Komodo tour package will be combined with the visit to Rinca and Flores, which are part of the Komodo National Park. To help you get your best trip, many tour agents offer different komodo tour packages.  Which vary in duration and leisure interests. To give you an insight into what kind of package fits you. We pick three recommendations that you can choose according to your financial statement and schedule.

Picture by: planete-decouverte.fr

 One-day tour

If you have a tight schedule but want to visit Komodo Island. This package probably the best way out. Your flight to Komodo Island will depart from Ngurah Rai airport and arrive at Labuan Bajo then you need to take a speedboat to cross to Bajo port. Through a one-day trip, you can explore the Komodo Island through snorkeling and trekking activity.

 Two-Days One Night tour

This package offer is not very far different from the one-day tour mentioned above. You also will have more time to take a trip around Komodo Island so you can feel content with its pure beauty both on the island’s landscape and on the under-water view. Besides exciting snorkeling and also an island trekking activity. You can enjoy a blissful dinner on Komodo Island’s beautiful night atmosphere as well. The dinner will be perfect if you wish for a kind of dinner filled with a romantic mood.

 The three days Komodo tour

The last package of the Komodo tour from Bali that we offer is the three days stay. Since it may impossible to fully explore Komodo Island only in a short period, the three days tour could be better than the other two packages before. Besides, you have a longer time to do activities mentioned before –like. Trekking and snorkeling- you could also visit some places. Which requires a longer time to travel, the famous Mirror Cave as an example of this case.

Considering the three packages, please note that each has its benefit and possibility, so encourage you to choose wisely. Besides the benefit and possibility that happened on the journey, Komodo Island tour price is various as well. The variety of the price usually depends on the accommodation choices and the activities included in the package. Even though we already listed the kinds of package recommendations, there is no day’s limitation for an ideal Komodo tour from Bali.

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