Recreation With the Komodo Tour

Pink Beach
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March 30, 2019
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Recreation With the Komodo Tour

Island Of Komodo


Planning a vacation together with the Komodo tour can be said to be the right choice, even more so the tourist destination has the essential beauty of the Komodo Island. Komodo Island is one of the islands in Indonesia which is located in East Nusa Tenggara.

Where the island itself belongs to the category of world wonders, because The Komodo Islands is native habitat from Komodo Dragons. Komodo dragons are the largest lizards in the world where there are not many of them and fall into the category of animals that must be protected.

The Beauty Of the Komodo Island Can Be Enjoyed With The Komodo Tour



On the island of Komodo itself there are many small islands that are very beautiful because of the barren land but have beaches and also beautiful sea reefs. There are several tourist destinations that are part of the Komodo island, where all these objects have different beauty. Here is the list from beauty of The Komodo Island :

Batu Bolong Reef

The first destination you must visit is Batu Bolong Reef, where you will enjoy the beauty of the famous coral reefs. Batu Balong itself has a collection of coral reefs that you cannot see elsewhere. By snorkeling on a stone balong you will get different views and also not forgotten.

Komodo Dragon

The main visit together with the Komodo tour is of course seeing rare dragons. on the island of Komodo itself is a national park that does protect these animals. Where you can see directly the dragons closely guarded by the rangers. There are around 2500 dragons that live on this island and live wildly with strict guarding. To enter into this national park you are strongly advised not to period for women or to be injured. Because dragons can smell blood as far as 4 km and can attack you.

Kalong Island

Kalong Island is a destination not to be missed, where on this island you can see bats coming out of the island at dusk. You can see this bat while enjoying the sunset and you can take pictures as much as you like. If you choose to sleep on a boat then you can also see bats returning to the island at sunrise. Where the scenery can fascinate you and can’t forget it.

Pink Beach

Pink Beach is one of the tourist destinations that you can’t miss next, where this beach has the color of pink sand and is very rare. The Pink Beach on the Komodo Island is one of the pink beaches that only have seven in the world. You can swim or just enjoy the beauty of the beach from the top of the hill. You can also enjoy snorkeling during the sea in a safe condition.

Tt is a number of tourist destinations on the Komodo island, where this travel tour will still invite you to other tourist destinations that are no less beautiful and also of interest to you. To get a view, don’t hesitate to contact the Komodo tour.

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