Package Komodo Island, Hunting the Beauty in Labuan Bajo

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July 13, 2019
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July 15, 2019

Package Komodo Island, Hunting the Beauty in Labuan Bajo

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Proud of Its National, Komodo Island Tours

If there is a question about “How Indonesiakah yourself?” guess-guess you will give the answers as to what that could indicate if you are a real nationalist? Do you know if by following a tour package Komodo Island can be said as one of the people nationalists? How can like that?

The nationalist feeling can be shown by the attitude of proud of the products manufactured by his own country and one of them is a tourist in his own country, the country of Indonesia. As a form of nationalism, you can follow the tour package explore the Island of komodo with excellent komodo tours.

Package Komodo Island by

Almost everyone is familiar with the beautiful island on this one. Komodo island is one Island in Flores, NTT. Komodo island presents a variety of interesting tourist attractions, both from local tourists or foreign tourists.
Now many travel companies that deliver services as one form of helping the community in order to know more about the potential of tourism in the archipelago. One of them is this gives the service travel to various places on the Island of Komodo with optimal service as well as guided by a tour guide who is also experienced.

Komodo Tour Bali provided by this is present by providing a variety of natural beauty such as Kanawa Island, Pink Beach, Kelor Island, and various other attractions. To find out more info about Komodo Island, let’s see some explanation here.

1. Start the Adventure from Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo

Can be said if Labuan Bajo is the gateway to explore the enchanting natural beauty of the Island of Komodo. Labuan Bajo is a port city on the edge of the beach with the charm of beauty dazzling. You can reach this location by using land transport or by air.
When it comes to Labuan Bajo, you will get a moment of the trip very memorable. Before Komodo tour Bali is crowded, I used to Labuan Bajo is just a village. But now growing, until finally Labuan Bajo becoming one of the travelers. Not only offers the charm of the natural beauty of the course. In Labuan Bajo, you will also find a variety of culinary specialties of the local area.

2. Kelor Island

Kelor Island

Kelor Island

Beautiful place subsequently you will discover when making the journey to Komodo Island is the Island of Moringa. Kelor island offers the charm of panoramas that is not less interesting compared to Labuan Bajo. While in Kelor Island you can do some tourist activities. Like enjoying the beach or dive into the depths of the oceans. In addition, you can also do snorkeling and see the fish life that is beautiful complete with a coral reef very beautiful.
To do a travel package Komodo Island, then you’ve delivered also to the Island of Moringa. It takes less than 20 minutes to get there. Guaranteed beauty of the panorama is ready to indulge you all.

3. Rinca Island

Rinca Island

Rinca Island

Very incomplete when visiting the Island of Komodo but did not see the ancient animals directly. There are some islands that are now designated as a nature reserve and national park. Rinca island is one of them. When you come to the island of Rinca, then you will see firsthand how the life of a giant lizard that.
Regarding location, Rinca Island is located in the western part of Flores Island. Travel packages excellent Komodo tours are ready to deliver your trip to see the ancient animals directly.

4. Komodo Island

Tour Komodo Island

Is one region in the District of Komodo, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province? On the island of Komodo is home to as many as 1300 the tail of the komodo dragon.

The list of places above is a list of the places to be visited when you do the Komodo tour Bali together with the excellent komodo tours. With affordable prices, you can already enjoy the stunning scenery as well as a quality holiday without the need to worry about what will be done and what will be visited.


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