Komodo tours : Facts about Komodo Island that will impress you

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March 13, 2019
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March 16, 2019

Komodo tours : Facts about Komodo Island that will impress you

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Indonesia is very proud to have Komodo tours  has many advantages as a tourist destination. Many achievements from overseas have been achieved through this. This is because in addition to being a tourist destination, Komodo tours  also has unique facts. This time, we will discuss what are the facts about Komodo Island that will impress you and want Komodo tours soon.

Scientific Tourism

This reptile animal has become an international research center. Many researchers from various countries have visited Komodo Island to do research on the evolution of these animals. Millions of years ago the population was spread in Indonesia and Australia, but now you can only find these endangered animals on Komodo Island in Indonesia.

Included in the 7 wonders of the world

In 2011, Komodo Island was included in the seven wonders of the world. This result is obtained from support and voting by all people in the world. Not unexpectedly, Komodo Island even got the most votes at that time. Immediately visit Komodo tours.

The House of Ancient Animals

Komodo is an ancient animal species that has lived very long on earth since millions of years ago. This giant lizard is indeed very famous in the world and an icon of NTT Province. On Komodo Island itself, there are around 2,918 Komodo dragons. While those scattered on Rinca Island, Padar Island coupled with Komodo Island itself, the total reaches 5965 Komodo. Amazing.

One of the 10 best destinations

Komodo Island is famous for being appointed by the July 2017 issue of National Geographic magazine with the headline “100 Best Destinations Around the World in Four Seasons”. Komodo Island in the article entered into the world’s 10 best destinations.

Get the exciting experience of your Komodo tours

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