Komodo Tours : Typical Culinary You Must Taste When to Komodo Island

Pulau Padar Labuan Bajo
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March 15, 2019
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March 22, 2019

Komodo Tours : Typical Culinary You Must Taste When to Komodo Island

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Review Kanawa Island

If you vacation on the island of Komodo tours, it doesn’t feel empty if you don’t taste the culinary specialty of Labuan Bajo NTT. Here, you will be spoiled with a variety of delicious special food preparations and will make you addicted.

Typical Culinary You Must Taste When to Komodo Tours

There are various typical culinary choices found in Labuan Bajo. But there are only a Typical Culinary You Must Taste When to Komodo Island many of them recommend the following 4 foods. There is Jagung Bose, Kolo, Se’i, dan Sambal Ikan Teri.

  • Jagung Bose

Made from processed white corn with a little extra salt and enough if you want to add a savory taste to the tongue. Jagung Bose is a typical food substitute for rice for residents. You can eat this food with karamanci, fish lawar and se’i meat.

  • Kolo

Uniquely this food is present in the form of rice which is burned using young bamboo coated with banana leaves. Before being put in, the rice is mixed with spices first, then put into bamboo and wait until the combustion is evenly distributed. And you are ready to eat this unique food.

  • Se’i

If you are a meat enthusiast during a Komodo tour, then Se’i is the solution. Se’i is beef cooked using heat from smoke from fire. The way to roast se’i meat is to keep the stove away from the flame, so that the meat will be perfectly baked.

  • Sambal Ikan Teri

The most appetizing is this. For spicy lovers, anchovy chili sauce is excellent. How to cook it is anchovy fried in hot oil, plus orange leaves, salt, galangal and others. Anchovy sauce in Labuan Bajo has different characteristics from other regions.

Find the best way to visit the Komodo Tour and the typical culinary hunt you must taste when on Komodo Island

You can travel to Komodo Island, Labuan Bajo, NTT by traveling by plane or ship. For those of you who are just going there for the first time, don’t worry because we will provide complete information that can be accessed through the website www.excellentkomodotours.com, please click to find out about the Komodo Tours trip and enjoy your holiday to your heart’s content.

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