Komodo Tours One Day From Bali

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Komodo Tours One Day From Bali

Rinca Island

Rinca Island

Indonesia natural beauty is indeed endless to visit, where you can take Komodo tours one day from Bali which will indeed lead you to one of Indonesia’s original tourist attractions. Komodo Island is located in East Nusa Tenggara, where if you visit this island you can see Komodo dragon.

Komodo tours one day from Bali

Komodo tours one day from Bali

To reach the Komodo island from Bali you can use sea or air transportation, but it is highly recommended to use sea transportation which is actually cheaper. If you are on Komodo Island there are several tourist attractions that you can visit in a day.

Visit Tourist Attraction With Komodo Tour One Day From Bali

Visiting Komodo Island will give you an unforgettable holiday experience, where you can see various natural wonders on the island. Besides being able to visit the Komodo National Park to see dragons in the Labuan Bajo area, you can also visit other tourist attractions in the region. Here is another tour that is no less exciting du Labuan Bajo:

Gili Laba

Gili Laba is one of the tourist destinations that you need to visit while in Labuan Bajo. have some beautiful places, but by visiting the summit of Gili Laba, then you can see another beauty that this place will give. You can see the range of islands around the Komodo Island. Besides that you can also enjoy the sunset if you are lucky.

Goa Batu Cermin

Goa Batu Cermin is one of the komodo tours one day from Bali. This cave itself has a beauty where you can enjoy the reflection of sunlight on the cave walls, which makes this cave like a mirror and very beautiful. besides that, you can see the original fossils attached where this is proof that this cave was once on the deep sea.

Cunca Lawang Waterfall

Cunca Lawang Waterfall can be a further tourist destination that you can visit while in Labuan Bajo. This waterfall has beauty because the stones are sticking together with bright green water. Where you can swim in this waterfall, but it is not recommended if you are not an expert in swimming, because the water is quite deep and dangerous because it is surrounded by sharp rocks.

Cancar Village

Cancar Village is a village located in Labuan Bajo, where you can see rice fields that form like spider webs. To see the shape of the rice field itself is better than Weol Peak. Where you will be able to see the original form of the rice fields.


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