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March 9, 2019
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Having a Komodo Tours? Here Are Things You Must

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The name Flores literally means ‘flower’ but the island actually doesn’t have that many flowers. Rather than flowers, the island houses lots of interesting and exciting tourist attractions. If you haven’t traveled to the island yet, you should. What can you do there? A lot. We listed things you must do when you are in a Komodo Tour.

Things You Must Do

Actually, there are many things you must do during your travel to the island. How could it not? The island has lots of interesting and exciting spots. It has diving sites with rich marine life, lakes with very magnificent colors, and beautiful beaches, among others. You can also see the legendary Komodo dragon, too.


1.     Seeing Komodo Dragon

Komodo dragon is the most popular tourist attractions in Flores, so it wouldn’t be fair if we don’t include it. This majestic animal can be found in several islands in Flores, but mainly in the Pulau Komodo and Pulau Rinca. So if you want to see Komodo dragon, be sure to visit either of these islands.

2.     Watching the Beautiful Kelimutu Lake

Have you ever seen tri-colored lakes before? If you haven’t, this is your chance. You can see the beautiful Kelimutu Lake in Flores. The lakes have three different colors: blue, white and red, which change due to sunlight. If you want to watch the best view of the lakes, you should see it during sunrise.

3.     Trekking on Padar Island

On top of Padar island, you will be able to see not just one beach but three beaches. One beach has black sand, one beach has white sand, and one beach has pink sand. It is really awesome. To get on top, you will need to trek. It can be an exhausting journey, but sure is worth the effort.

4.     Diving at Manta Point

You should not miss this when you are in a Komodo tour Flores is well-known for its rich marine life and it has lots of diving sites, too. One of them is Manta Point. Manta Point is the spot where lots of manta rays congregate. If you are lucky, you will be able to see lots of them during your dive.

5.     Watching Sunset at Bukit Cinta

Want to know how sunset looks like on the island? Just visit Bukit Cinta. It is a perfect sunset point on the island. The sunset, the hill, the green grass, all create beautiful scenery you don’t want to miss.

Komodo Tour: How to Travel to Flores Island

You can get to Flores island in two ways: by boat or by plane. Which one should you choose? That depends. If you want to be more adventurous on your trip, your best option is to go by boat. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the magnificent view of the island, go by plane.

There are many tour options you can choose from to enjoy the island. Of course, not all can provide you with the best traveling experience.  You will need to choose a tour carefully. Here at excellentkomodotours, we will provide you with the best traveling experience. For more information, visit https://www.excellentkomodotours.com/.

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