Enjoy the beautiful vacation to Labuan Bajo

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Enjoy the beautiful vacation to Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo

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If you still believe that Bali is the heaven of treveling, just try to go to Labuhan Bajo. There, you will find many wonderful places which no less wonderful than in Bali. Since now Labuhan Bajo is being popular among trevelers. Here is some places which may not be missed when you visit Labuhan Bajo, check this out !

Sometimes Interesting Place in Labuan Bajo

Pulau Padar Labuan Bajo

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1. Padar Island (Pulau Padar)

Padar Island Labuan Bajo

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This is one of island which located in Komodo National Park (Taman Nasional Komodo). Quite easy to come here, there are some alternaltive transportation that you can use ,such as ship, plane, or even bus which give place to ferry, just adjusted to your budget. Calm down, it’s worth it, moreover the view during your voyage.

2. Kenawa Island (Pulau Kenawa)

Kenawa Island Labuan Bajo

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Someone ever said that remote island usually have a majestic view, one of them is Kenawa Island. In this place, there are gazebos where you can take a break while enjoy the beauty of the island. If you want to have sunrise or sunset, there is a hill for get it. So have you ever go there ?

3. Pink Beach



As it’s name, this beach dominate with pink and surrounded by limestone mountains and cliffts, the typical of Komodo Island. The atmosphere is perfect for you who wants to have a romantic moment with your partner.

4. Taka Makasar

Taka Makasar Labuan Bajo

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Bored just down the beach ? Let’s go to Taka Makasar ! There you can dive in this Island, with it’s wonderful underwater scenary. It’s a suitable place for you to enjoy the beauty of coral. Something unique from this place is the island of sand only come out when the sea is receding. Let’s find out the best moment here !

5. Wae Rebo

An exotic, iconic village since it’s traditional houses, which will educate you to know about Manggarai Tribe the famous one there. You can also stay overnight in one of residents’s house. Get your differents experience there !
And it’s some tips for have a memorable journey in Labuhan Bajo :

1. Choose the Right Departure Time

The best time to visit Labuhan Bajo is June to July, since it’s bright weather and most beautiful view is in this months, and moreover if you don’t want to get there in rainy season. Actually it’s just the taste of each person. So when is your best time ?

2. Don’t Forget to Look For Sailing Operator

I’ts the important thing, order from the previous day. You can search the contact person in internet. But if you choose it, look for an operator which already have a good record and have a high flight hours. Don’t choose the wrong operator !

3. Choose the Strategis Lodging

The selection of lodging is more diverse, want a hostel or hotel ? Many available here, in various charge. Lodging average price in Labuhan Bajo start from Rp 100.000 (for one bed). Choose the lodging which is close to the port, beside strategic place it makes you esier to find some meals if you’re hungry.

4. Don’t Forget to Use Sunblock or Sunscreen

Many of markets in Labuhan Bajo actually, but it has a very expensive charge than others. Remember, you have to applay sunblock ang sunscreen before your activity during the day. At least, it can minimize your burn skin after back home.

5. Notice ! Take Care Your Transportation Rates

Labuhan Bajo has a friendly society, do not hesitate to have a negotiation with them. So far, transportation rates in Labuhan Bajo range between Rp 5000,00 to Rp 10.000,00 for public transportation. And for taxibike from city center to the airport or vice versa range between Rp 10.000,00 to Rp 15.000,00. Quite cheap right ?
Then what are you waiting for ? Let’s book your ticket for have an enjoyable vacation !!

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