List Atraction on Labuan Bajo

Interesting things in the Natural Attractions in Labuan Bajo
November 22, 2019
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List Atraction on Labuan Bajo

The list of tourist attractions in Labuan Bajo is increasing from time to time. Labuan Bajo has a landscape that is rich, lush and exotic, making it a favorite destination for travelers both local and long-distance. Down tourism in Labuan Bajo will not be endless. We will be pampered with tourism a wide array of dazzling. The following tourist attractions in Labuan Bajo version excellentkomodotours that you can make as an option.

Some List of Tourist attractions in Labuan Bajo

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1. Lake Sano Nggoang

This is the habitat of the species for tens of birds that is endemic wildlife and is protected. It is located in the Lake Sano Nggoang and is also the largest volcanic lake in the Eastern part of Indonesia. For travelers to get the best view it is recommended to visit the Peak of Golo Gods.

2. Pantai Pede

Pantai Pede is more famous for the atmosphere to watch the best sunsets in Nusa Tenggara. It flanked the Hill Scout Hill and Gorontalo. This is a favorite destination recommended in Labuan Bajo.

3. Kampung Melo

Kampung Melo this is a village that still holds the traditional order. If we pay a visit to this village then don’t be surprised if we are welcomed with traditional dances which are very beautiful. Residents in the village is also quite known to be friendly and with the welcoming dance for the guests.

4. Kalong Island

The island has a habitat of Bats to hundreds of thousands in number. To visit Kalong Island is worth at the time of dusk. Because the habitat of the famous life on the eve of the day it will start floating outspread in the sky and it adds to the exotic island.

5. Pulau Seraya

Pulau Soraya has the beauty under the sea which is good enough to make a snorkel. And there’s also the panorama in the island is also can not be compared with other beaches in Labuan Bajo. Very into travel recommendations for travelers.

6. Angel Island

Angel Island is indeed famous for its underwater snorkeling. And on this island become a favorite for tourists who love to snorkel.

7. Island Pink

Island Pink does have the power to attract tourists. The island is clean and has a pristine white-sand beach make it a favorite place for tourists relaxing on the coastal beaches. Pink color can be seen along the coast because of the reflection of light from crystal clear blue water and white sand so as to make the light gradation of the form a pink color.

8. Goa Stone Mirror

This cave has the reflection of the sun that sneak of cracks of the cave so that the light resembles the reflection of the light from the mirror. The presence of stalagmites and stalactites indicates that this cave has been inside the waters of the beach, or this cave was once under the sea.

9. Manta Point

This area is becoming very favorite in Labuan Bajo. To favorite is liked by the enthusiasts of diving and snorkeling because of the underwater beauty and abundance of Fish, Manta or Manta the Giant adds to the beauty when doing the activity of diving and snorkeling.

11. Cunca Lawang

This location tourists can walk through the valley and the cliffs with how to swim. Because along the valley and the cliff, there is the flow of the river which is beautiful. If the activity of swimming will add to the experience cool.

12. Kelimutu Lake

The lake is located at the summit of Mount Kelimutu has 3 lakes are different and have the color of the lake water can change at a certain time. This is very famous. And to reach this location travelers must climb Mount Kelimutu.

13. Kelor Island

The island has calm water, fine white sand, shady trees. The location is quite good for travelers’ buff peace and to calm the mind, sort of a place for meditation while.

14. Island Profit / Gili Laba

The landscape, which is owned by Gili Laba is the hills framed by the blue of the vast sea. Visit Gili Profit is good when the dry season because it will add to the exotic such as the savanna in the middle of the sea.

Some of the list of places in the new top part only. There are still many the list of tourist attractions in Labuan Bajo that you can make as an option. Please schedule your vacation right now.

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