Mandorak Beach, a Hidden Paradise in the NTT

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December 16, 2019
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Mandorak Beach, a Hidden Paradise in the NTT

Beautiful Beach in NTT

If talking about a beautiful beach then NTT’s champion, the province adjacent to the NTB is known for its beaches, captivating, one of the Beach Mandorak in Sumba Barat Daya. Beautiful beach this one is located in the Village Kalena Rongo, Kecamatan Kodi Utara, Kabupaten Sumba Barat Daya, NTT.

A calm atmosphere with clear blue water and waves big enough to make this beach attracts attention and is worth a try. The uniqueness of this beach is the two steep cliffs that surround this beach like a ring. The distance between the cliff just 20 meters to make this beach as if fenced off so that adds to the impression of private.

With the sand is white and clean, the beach is actually more like a private lagoon that is guaranteed to make You reluctant to move away from this beach. For those of You who can’t swim enough to sit enjoying the silence and the beauty of the beach panorama Mandorak guaranteed Your brain.

The beach has a length of about 50 meters is still not much visited by tourists, because that’s a vacation to the beach this feels like a vacation to a private beach.

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Location Pantai Mandorak

The location is somewhat remote. It took 1.5 hours drive from Tambolaka Airport to the Village Kalenarongo. To get to the Beach Mandorak You should head to the Village of Pero Rods, Kodi, Sumba Barat Daya. From the village of pero these rods continue the journey to the Beach Mandorak.

Access To The Site

The beach takes about 30 minutes travel by using a vehicle two wheels or four. If not bring a personal vehicle, then you can hire motorcycle taxi fares according to the agreement. After that, You still have to walk as far as 1 km, because of the road to the Beach Mandorak because it can only be accessed by foot.

Although to get there requires extra struggle but for those of You lovers of excursions coastal then Beach this one is very mandatory for You to visit. It could be said, the beach is white sand Beach the most beautiful in Indonesia. The peak of its beauty during the afternoon when the sun almost set, the rays of the sun make the sand beach and the sparkling.

Beauty and Attractiveness

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The expanse of white sand that sparkles combined intimately with the crystal clear seawater typical of the Indian Ocean adds to the beauty of this piece of heaven in Eastern Indonesia. With the color of the water is blue, Tosca, You can even see the direct bottom of the ocean and life in it from the surface of the beach, you know.

Well, that makes interesting at once become the hallmark, of course, the existence of the two cliffs that look challenging. Both the cliffs flanking the Beach Mandorak seemed to be a gateway for waves that will fit into the surface of the beach.

With a landscape so unique, the beach at the eastern end of Indonesia also has waves that are strong enough. Then don’t be surprised if a lot of surfers from different countries in the world often make the Beach Mandorak as a place to exercise them.

In addition, it is also known for having views of the sunset, when the sun goes down You will be presented with the best sunset on top of a cliff overlooking the orange sky. Unfortunately, the beach as beautiful as this has not been managed properly by the local Government.

Precisely the foreign tourists are concerned. The Resort on the beach was also built by the Foundation Watu Mandorak managed a foreign tourist from France.

Interested to visit the Beach Mandorak? However it should be noted for those of You who want to swim, remember the beach, this one directly overlooking the Indian Ocean the waves were notoriously vicious, and therefore keep safety yes.

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