Beach Meko Heaven Adonara Arising Drowning

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December 10, 2019
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December 16, 2019

Beach Meko Heaven Adonara Arising Drowning

Charm, The Beauty Of The Beach Meko

In addition to Komodo Island, NTT still has a lot of tourist attractions its beauty is already no need to doubt. Flores Timur is one of the places in the province which has many tourist destinations topnotch start to view the sunset, to the expanse of sand to arise in the middle of the sea near the Hamlet of Meko, District Witihama, Adonara Island, East Flores Regency.

The beach is known to locals by the name of Sand Embossed Meko. Named after the sand arise because there is a mound of sand in the middle of the sea like a small, uninhabited island. Covers approximately 1 square kilometer. White sand that is slightly colored pink in contrast with the color of the turquoise sea.

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Overview Beach Meko

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Among tourists, the Beach is known to have the beauty of the expanse of clean sand that is colored white to slightly yellowish, which stretches decorate the lips of the beach is so enchanting. Meanwhile, on this beach, there is also a sand dune embossed located in the middle of the sea.

In addition to having a sand dune embossed beautiful beach,  also despite small islands that are no less beautiful. On the west coast of Meko seemed an island-shaped elongated, crowded with the chirp of birds. Inhabitants of this small island the majority of birds the bat, so local people named this island as the island of the Bats.

To be able to get to the Beach this beautiful You have to go through a long journey. The journey begins from the Port Pelni Larantuka in Larantuka, then crossed to the port Tubilota on the Island of Adonara. You can ride a motorboat with a price of Rp 5 thousand with a travel time of approximately 10 minutes.

Then, crossing the Island of Adonara. Rental car so the right way heading to the Meko. Due to the lack of public transport and away travel be the reason. It took about 2 hours to get in the Hamlet of Meko. If to visit sand embossed on the Beach. You can rent local fishing boats with a price of Rp 400 thousand to travel one roundtrip.

Along the way to the island, tourists will be treated to a view that is no less beautiful. Travelers will also cross the Sea Meko the water is crystal clear. Along the way will be a visible expanse of coral reefs colorful. If we look back it will look a view that is not less beautiful, namely Ile (Mountain) Boleng.

Activities That Can Be Done On The Beach 

If you want to vacation at the Beach then we suggest you visit in the Months of March to September. Because of the months of March to September, You can enjoy the natural scenery of the beach with a sunny climate. As for the exciting activities that You can do among others:

1. Enjoy the white sand

The beach has a long coastline and curved, and white sand clean can be used to play such as shooting or walk around the island sand embossed, etc.

2.  Tour to the Small Islands around the Coast of Meko

Beach Meko is already available some guide boats can take the visitors to the island Watan Peni, Kroko, as well as the Bat island.

3.  Enjoy Nature Under The Sea

In addition, visitors can swim, as well as snorkeling and fishing in the coastal waters of Meko.

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Facilities On The Beach Meko

Although less familiar in the ears of the tourists, the Amenities or facilities to support tourism on the Beach  such as hotels and restaurants that provide safety and comfort for travelers also already growing. Especially in the City of Larantuka is already a lot of hotels even homestay that operates. That was little information about Beach Meko, hopefully, it can inspire visitors, welcome to pay a visit and be careful.

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