Things You Can Do on A One-Day Komodo Trip

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December 10, 2019
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December 10, 2019

Things You Can Do on A One-Day Komodo Trip

Seeing the fact that the distance between Bali and Komodo is not so close. It might sound impossible to feel content and fully enjoy Komodo Island’s beauty only one day. However, the one day tour from Bali to Komodo package offered by some tour agents is provided with exciting service that makes you able to get the most out of your trip. Therefore, to complete your trip while you stay in Bali, the one day Komodo tour is highly recommended.

The one-day long Komodo trip is available for the traveler every day. However, the availability of the trip depends on the schedule of Bali-Labuan Bajo (domestic) flight. As a kind of short-period trip, the one day Komodo tour mostly requires minimum participants. Which is started from two –thus you may take this chance to engage and get along with new people you met-.

Besides available every day. Some tour agents even provide a professional tour guide along with the package as a part of their service. The tour guide will help you exploring Komodo Island through their knowledge about the island and their multi-language ability to connect you with the locals.

Depart from Ngurah Rai airport. The one day tour from Bali to Komodo trip that you booked either provided by the Hotel you stay in or the local tour agent has a hotel pick -up as well -just like any other crossing island trip-. The flight you take will arrive at Labuan Bajo and then you need to take another journey to transfer to Bajo port by speedboat. Usually on the island transferring you will get help from the staff of the trip’s provider.

 What to do the one day Komodo trip?

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 Through the one day tour. There are many exciting activities can be done. You can travel around Rinca Island and connected with the nature of Komodo Island, the home for the iconic giant lizard, Komodo Dragon. Not only the trekking activity. But you could also enjoy the pure magnificence view of Komodo Island underwater landscape through snorkeling activity.

The snorkeling activity usually is taking place on Kelor Island or Pink Beach. Where you will have the chance to be mesmerized by the clear blue ocean water and the Delightful coral reefs. If your visit to Komodo Island is on Tuesday or Thursday. You might go to see Komodo Dragons from a close distance at the Reptile Park.

Just like any other kind of trip. The Bali-Komodo one day tour also requires a well-prepared plan. It will be better for you to check and research anything related to your one day tour from Bali to Komodo.  Finally, we hope you will have your greatest komodo one day trip!

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