Pink Beach : Hidden Paradise at the Eastern End of Indonesia

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January 16, 2020
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January 21, 2020

Pink Beach : Hidden Paradise at the Eastern End of Indonesia

Enter into the Komodo National Park, Pink Beach located in the west of the islands. In addition to having beautiful views of the ocean, the beach also has lies the beauty of the sand-colored Ping. ‘ve no doubt if You will feel satisfied and happy when visiting this place.

The first time You see the beach, Your eyes will be spoiled with views of the sand which is typical. More than that, blue and crystal clear seawater and set in a large hill and dashing. Be aware that the sand here was created from the shards of coral and marine life so that it becomes very unique and beautiful. Here are some interesting things You can find on the beach that is in the NTT :

Interesting things on the Beach Pink

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1. Pink Colored Sand

With has pink sand, it also became the name of the beach known as “Pink Beach”. The color of the Ping came from creatures called Foraminifera that give the red pigment on the rocks. The rocks carried away by the waves to the shore then crushed into small fractions i.e. grains of the stone which is currently a sand beach.

2. Coral and Fish Species

When You do snorkeling while on vacation to the beach, then You will be spoiled by views of the diverse coral and fish species. Coral that You can find as coral is smooth and coral hard, colors are also diverse. In addition, You will also find many species of fish with colors and shapes vary as well as their uniqueness.

3. Home Of The Komodo Dragon

You who have plans to visit the coast, occasionally You will see the sighting of the komodo dragon. Se-tail is the largest reptile, which until now can still be found because the island is their natural habitat. When you find the Komodo dragons try to stay away because of this island there are no inhabitants where they can regard You as the enemy.

4. Beautiful beach

Natural attractions by having sand-colored ping classified in the unique category, there are almost no sand beaches great influence of the Foraminifera. Of a row of beach that has a sand-colored ping, the beach on Komodo Island is one location that offers outstanding landscape. Gabunag between, the sand ping, the seawater is blue and crystal clear that not all the places can have.

5. Hill Savanna

The Flores is known for its dry climate, which causes so much of the savanna that You can find in this region, including the Island of Komodo. If You want to take a photo to try to rise to the top evidence to be able to get a spot a good photo. From the top of this hill, tourists can see the sea, rows of coral and other islands around him.

The route

Heading to Labuan Bajo has been available promo flight from Denpasar to Komodo Island will take around 1-hour air travel. From Komodo Island to Labuan Bajo You will travel about 10-15 minutes. You can also rent a car to deliver You to the Port.

When using the services of a package tour and stay in Labuan Bajo, You will be delivered to Rinca Island first, Labuan Bajo to Rinca Island takes approximately 45 minutes. Then, if You already up at the dock of loh on the Island of Rinca You will still need about 30 minutes to get to the Pink Beach.

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