Preparation to the Komodo Island

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Preparation to the Komodo Island

komodo island

Komodo Island tour is indeed full of natural beauty both of the natural beauty on land or underwater natural beauty. A vacation to the island of Komodo you will get an experience which is certainly very incredible where you can see how the animals rare type of giant lizard’s life from a very close distance.

Komodo island

Some preparation prior to Komodo Island

Not only offers a view of Komodo living free in the wild, you can also enjoy other natural landscapes in this island is no less beautiful with the natural landscape in the other tourism object in Indonesia.

Before you go on vacation to the island of Komodo is best there are some things you need to consider when visit here in order to avoid danger and other bad things so it does not interfere with the activity of your vacation.

First, you are not allowed to travel alone when it is in the tourist area of komodo island

When you should vacation to the island of Komodo, you have to be in one group, which is led by a guide or ranger. The island is quite extensive and there are many animals of the Komodo dragons that live in the wild, therefore you should not go alone.

Second, for those of you who have the habit of smoking should take note of  free or better no smoking during your stay in the tourist area of Komodo

For here the rays of the sun and the hot weather makes this area is quite dry. so if there are sparks fear can trigger the emergence of forest fires or land. Of course we all do not want to preserve the natural legacy of this broken world

Third, do not come during menstruation

For women we recommend that when visiting Komodo island is not in the future month or menstrual. Why is it so? Komodo is one of the animals  have a sense of smell sharp and quite sensitive will be the scent of blood. You should make sure the right time before you visit here.

Of course you women do not want to chase chase by a wild animal, right? If you already come and menstruating we recommend you ask the ranger what you need to do in order to enjoy a holiday in Komodo island with a safe and comfortable.

Fourth, don’t be noisy

When a visit to the Komodo island you should not too noisy because can interfere with a wild animal. In addition to having a sense of smell that sharp, wild animals also have the sense of hearing is quite sharp. Therefore you are prohibited from making a fuss that can interfere with a wild animal. And do not close the possibility of these animals can attack you.

Fifth, use the services of tour

So your trip all the more comfortable, it would be good to use the services of the tour. you can use the services of tour best excellentkomodotours. Services tour this one comes with a selection of attractive packages that make your travel easier all.

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