Rangko Cave | Location, Acces and Entrance Ticket

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February 13, 2020
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Rangko Cave | Location, Acces and Entrance Ticket

Explore nature in Indonesia is not endless. From time to time, always popping up a new tourist attraction in Indonesia. Rangko Cave one of them. Tourist Spot this one is very fitting for all of you who are happy with the tourist attractions and are still quiet and natural. Its proximity to Labuan Bajo of making a visit even more attractive, given Labuan Bajo, is a tourist destination mainstay of the tourist

Feel the Sensation of Private Swimming Pool in Rangko Cave


Picture by: florestourtransport.com

If you crave the ambiance of a quiet holiday, a visit to the tourist attractions this one is the right choice. In addition, to getting a calm atmosphere, you can also swim in the Cave. Many liken goa ones such as a private swimming pool. For water that is salty water that is sourced directly from the sea. Considering there are some voids or gaps that will connect the water inside the cave with the sea.

On the part of the cavity of the Cave filled with ornament in the form of stalactites with various shapes. Interestingly again, not to be found in bats as well as a cave. Thus, the atmosphere calms the feels. A travel experience that is very fun of course.

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The Best Time to Visit

Associated with time visited, you’d better depart as early as possible from Labuan Bajo. This is because the journey takes quite a long time. Regarding the best time to enjoy the beauty of Cave, between the hours of 12.00 to 14.00 hours. In these hours the sun’s rays will directly enter into Cave so helping the lighting. We will see the private pool with the color blue which is very beautiful.

Access To The Site

To be able to get to the location, you can rent a boat from fishermen in the vicinity of the village. Additional information Rangko Cave is still empty of visitors, considering that not many are discussing just this one. More than that, access to those also still difficult. There has been no special transport can deliver towards the Cave. Though difficult, it will all be paid off with the beauty of nature presented.

Visit the tourist attractions of new indeed always gives a special experience. Similarly, during a visit to Rangko Cave. Don’t belong, direct lift a backpack and enjoy a fun trip to the eastern end of Indonesia. Additional information, you can also use the tour Komodo from Bali from Excellentkomodotours as a friend on holiday.

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