Review Of Kanawa Island And How To Enjoy It

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August 15, 2019
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Review Of Kanawa Island And How To Enjoy It

Review Kanawa Island

Review Kanawa Island

Indonesia as one of the state’s largest archipelago has a lot of locations that can be used as a place to be away from home. One of the locations that You can is Flores, in which this area there is one island that you need to visit the island of Kanawa. The island itself save a lot of natural charm very riveting.

To visit this location according to a review of Kanawa Island.  You can use a plane from Bali or other cities. For easy ticket booking You can visit Traveloka or also contact where You will also find some travel packages for visiting Kanawa Island and its surroundings.

How to Enjoy a Vacation in Kanawa Island

Review Kanawa Island


During his stay in Kanawa Island. You can enjoy a lot of activities that can indeed help the body and mind become fresher. Here are some activities you can do during your stay in Kanawa Island :

1. Diving and Snorkeling

The charm of the underwater world on the Island of Kanawa is well known, where coral reefs grow very fertile and also has a collection of marine life complete. The location of the diving on the Island of Kanawa is preferred by lovers of snorkeling and diving. Not only that, if you are lucky then while diving can meet with a mola-mola, whale sharks, manta ray, parrotfish, or sea horse.

2. Playing on the edge of the sea

The beach on which is visible from the review of Kanawa Island is beautiful. Where You can play on the shore of the beach while seeing a wide variety of other marine life such as crabs or small fish that swim among the coral reefs. You can also enjoy the crystal clear water and blue sky plastered full of charm. You alongside this beach, it is advisable to preserve the place and the animals there.

3. Trekking

The next activity that you can do during your stay in Kanawa Island is trekking. Trekking in the hills of the Island of Kanawa own must be prepared because the terrain is not so easy. But when You’ve reached the top of the hill. You will be presented with very beautiful scenery. Where You will see the beauty of the entire Island of Kanawa. You can also make the top of the hill as a background photo.

4. Stay at a resort beach

To support all activities on the island of Kanawa. You can also stay at the resort on the beach, Kanawa Island. There are several resorts that will provide the best services for Your holidays. Not only that.  You will also be able to enjoy eating the local community during their stay on the island.

5. A calm atmosphere

Kanawa island itself is still not very much visited by tourists, which of course can make the island is still very quiet. It is very good for you to get an atmosphere that is comfortable and also helps to release the stress. For on this island alone You will feel peace and also feel more happy, especially with the view available of course will be very good for body health and Your mind.

It is a review of Kanawa Island could be one of the tourist destinations of Your holiday with friends or family. To get the experience of a good holiday. You can contact where there is a choice of tour package to Flores and surrounding areas, including visiting the Island of Komodo.

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