Review Of Pink Beach Indonesia, The Uniqueness Of The Unique That Exist In The World

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Review Of Pink Beach Indonesia, The Uniqueness Of The Unique That Exist In The World

Pink Beach


Visiting tourist locations that have natural beauty indeed often be the main purpose of the stay, in which Indonesia itself has many natural attractions that amaze. One of the places that must visit is Pink Beach in Lombok. Beach and this one is very unique and also has a lot of charms that you can explore.

A Review of Pink Beach always attracts the attention of tourists, in which this beach has pink sand. Pink Beach in Lombok is one of the 7 pink beaches in the world. To reach the beach itself You can use a plane from Bali Island or other islands, where ticket reservations can be made through Traveloka or contact to get a tour package around Pink Beach.

Attractions Near Pink Beach, Lombok

The right time to visit the Pink Beach is around April to September, wherein this period You will get very good weather. When you are on the beach itself, you can also visit some other tourist attractions located around the Beach Pink. Here are the other attractions around the beach :

1. Beach Winds

Beach Wind-Wind is one of the tourist attractions near Pink Beach. Where the distance of both the beach is very close, that range from a 1.9 km course. The beach itself is often referred to as the Pink Beach 2 because it has characters which are almost the same. The beach Wind-the Wind still very quiet, where normally tourists will get unusual sensations when visiting this beach. You will be presented with the beach sand that is colored orange with very clear water.

2. Beach Bowl

If you want to get a review of Pink Beach and the surrounding areas, You may also be able to visit the Beach Bowl. The beach itself is located right next to the Pink Beach, where this location has a character similar to Pink Beach just has a coastline that is short. Near the Beach a Bowl of this there is an island that is dubbed the Island of Love, in which to enjoy the beauty of the Beach Bowl You have to try harder because of the terrain the journey to get to this beach is fairly difficult.

3. Tanjung Ringgit And Goa Tanjung Ringgit

This one owner is also very close to Pink Beach, where the distance is only around 1.5 km course. To reach this location itself is very minimal, so not many tourists who visit there. Whereas Tanjung Ringgit has a natural charm that is very intriguing. Around the Tanjung Ringgit also there is one other place that you can also explore Goa Tanjung Ringgit. The cave itself is very dark and damp so a lot of bats that inhabit it.

4. Beach Mangku Teacher

One more beach that has a location close to Pink Beach, that Beach Mangku Teacher. This beach has a panoramic view that is no less beautiful with the Pink Beach, where you will be presented with a view of the sky which impressed merges with the sea. Not only that, you can swim at the beach and do other activities that are lightweight.

It is some a review of Pink Beach and the surrounding area, where to visit this location You better contact to get complete holiday packages and also fun.

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