Review of the Trip at Bidadari Island

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Review of the Trip at Bidadari Island

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Trip Bidadari Island presents a variety of views. Angel Island is an island that is located in Labuan Bajo. The island is not inhabited by the Ancient Animal Komodo. Travelers will be spoiled with views of the beautiful sea, blue and crystal clear seawater, the waves rolling gently, as well as the expanse of white sand and small corals. It made the Tourists will feel the atmosphere of calm and comfort.

Bidadari Island has the best spots to do activities is Snorkeling or Diving because of the type of waves that are not so heavy and the condition of the animals of the sea that is still natural to make the situation to be so very supportive.  So many Tourists from Local and Foreign Countries, a far-away visit to this island just to enjoy nature. Why is the name of the island is Angel? Of course, the question that arises when You read the name of this Island.

History Trip Bidadari Island

According to the story. Earlier the island is not named Angel Island. The previous name is the Island of Lote. People in East Nusa Tenggara is to know the name of this island with the Island of Lote.  Bidara is the name of the tree. Lote trees are growing and almost the entire island is overgrown with trees bidara.

The fruit of the Lote-trees without this in ancient times was often harvested by the fishermen and the surrounding communities. Due to the frequency of performing the activity of harvesting on this island then there was the name of this island with the Island of Lote. Another story is supposed because the silence of the island is always in sight of a beautiful female figure. Because it was so beautiful, the society concluded that the that inhabits this island is an angel.

Interesting things in Bidadari Island

Not like the island next to that there are rides that are quite complete. Bidadari Island is not so much provided a vehicle for the tourists who visit. Because Angel Island is currently experiencing a conflict of ownership.

According to the facts and community information about that Angel Island has been owned by one of the Residents of a Foreign Country. And according to the records of the manager, it turns out that the ownership of the owned by the Citizens of this Foreign Country only to the extent of the right of the building.

According to the story of the stranger that He is interested to manage Angel Island. Due to the condition of nature that is still pure Si this stranger wanted to defend it so as not tainted by any pollution. However from the management and the government only gave permission to the rights of the building for 35 years.

Because it has concerns it is only natural that if there are no rides available for tourists who visit. But not fully there rides. For tourists who visit Bidadari Island can still do some things.

The following interesting Things that can be done on Bidadari Island.

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1. Diving and Snorkeling

As there is in other Islands Diving and Snorkeling is a vehicle that is provided and must be done agi tourists to enjoy the scenery under the sea.  Bidadari Island is indeed so famous for underwater beauty. Not because of the many types of fish and coral reefs but also so pure its natural conditions so that the scenery is very beautiful. The inappropriate course of activity as it became a favorite compared to its neighboring island.

2. Swim

In addition to seeing the scenery of underwater activities of the swimming at Bidadari Island is also becoming a favorite activity for the tourists, especially foreign tourists. Many foreign tourists to swim with no clothes advertising partners include Both Men and Women were doing it. Because of the nature of the waves that are not so heavy activity is also so very supportive. And then it became one of the reasons the naming of Angel Island’s.

3. Relax

You can relax by enjoying the expanse of white sand and the loss of a beautiful sea view and infinite. The atmosphere of quiet from the hustle and bustle adds to the tranquility to simply relax in Bidadari Island. There is no time limit to Your stay on the island.

Location and Access to the Location Bidadari Island

Location Bidadari Island is located in Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.  Because none of the residents that inhabit the Island of Angel, then there is no activity fro the boat. But if You want to visit this island, You can rent a fishing boat to cross. In addition, You can do so by using the services of package tour in Labuan Bajo heading to Angel Island. And If You book a room from the resort on the Island of Angel, then they will pick You up from Labuan Bajo.

The Price Of Admission Angel Island

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Due to the ownership of the resort in Angel Island does not belong to the Indonesian Government but rather belongs to a foreign nationality then there is no official price or free.

If You are not using a Tour Package then You need to do tricks to the local fishermen to cross over and pick You up when you want to return. For the cost of fishermen no special price, depending on how You do the approval with the fishermen. Trip Bidadari Island was fun. You all can do this trip using a tour package best towards Angel Island from the

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