Review Rinca Island And Tourist Locations Around The Island Uninhabited Largest Lizard In The World

August 12, 2019
Review Komodo Island
See The Review Of Komodo Island For A Enjoy Holiday
August 15, 2019

Review Rinca Island And Tourist Locations Around The Island Uninhabited Largest Lizard In The World

Review Rinca Island

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Do you want to feel on vacation in a place filled with the beauty of exotic nature? Or want to enjoy the adrenaline rush by visiting one of the ancient animals that still live until today? Maybe you can visit the Island of Rinca in the Komodo National Park located in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara.

See review Rinca Island is very interesting, especially with the uniqueness that is stored on a small island such. To reach this island. You can take a plane from Bali or other cities to Labuan Bajo. If you want to more easily do the ticket booking can visit Traveloka or contact that will give you the best tour package during your stay on the Island of Rinca

Enjoy the Results of the Review of the Island of Rinca and the Surrounding areas For the Holiday Stressful

Review Rinca Island

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The best time to visit Rinca Island itself is around April to September, wherein the period of the months the weather is good. In Rinca Island itself, you can enjoy a variety of attractions. Here are the attractions in the island habitats of the komodo dragon is :

1. To See The Komodo Dragons

In Rinca Island itself, the most interesting to visit is to see the komodo dragons. Rinca island and save the population of Komodo dragons which is quite a lot, where on this island You can see a dragon passing by. Of course this experience unique and thrilling. Remember the komodo dragon is wild and dangerous.

Because the largest lizard in the world does not hesitate to attack humans if disturbed. For that, during Your stay on the island is better to adhere to the rules given by the keeper of the island or the rangers so that does not happen something undesirable.

2. The Village Of Wae Rebo

Well, when you see the review Rinca Island is definitely not off to see the lives of the natives near the island. The population in Wae Rebo own have customs that are very unique. They do not use money or power in their lives. The inhabitants of this village are also very friendly to tourists and very happy to answer any questions asked during the polite. The inhabitants of this village occupy the home that is very unique, it is a house with a conical roof called Mbaru Niang.

3. Kelimutu Lake

If you are on vacation to the Island of Rinca there is no harm in Kabupaten Ende are in Flores. In the district, You can visit Kalimutu Lake which has 3 lakes with different colors. Of course, this is a destination that is very interesting. What’s more, with the view of nature displayed beautifully. Visit the lake itself can also be an enjoyable experience because to reach the location of the lake. You will pass through a forest inhabited by the apes.

To see a review of Rinca Island and also other locations around the island, will give you an incredible experience when you vacation. Moreover, there are a lot of tourist spots that you can visit and have a natural charm that is stunning. If you are still interested to visit the Island of Komodo, You can contact

Where You will get the choice of tour package to Flores and Komodo Island with the best service. Not only that, all the packages are already equipped with the needs of the tourists such as transportation, accommodation to tour guide speaking English.

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