Holiday Fun from the Review of the Island of Rinca and the Surrounding

Reviews Komodo Island
See The Review Of Komodo Island For A Holiday
August 3, 2019
Review Rinca Island
Enjoy A Vacation With Tour Package Komodo Island
August 6, 2019

Holiday Fun from the Review of the Island of Rinca and the Surrounding

Review Rinca Island

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Vacation is one way to make the mind and body become fresher, where to vacation alone You will take off the stress caused by daily activities which are always solid. In Indonesia, a lot a holiday destination that is exciting and also fun, one of them is the Island of Rinca in the area of Flores. Review Rinca Island is very nice, especially if you do like an unusual holiday.

Rinca island itself is renowned for the existence of komodo, i.e. endemic animal which is the largest lizard and the worst in the world. To reach this island by yourself, you can use a plane from Bali or other cities to Labuan Bajo. Book a plane ticket to the island is quite easy, simply by using Traveloka or contact then You have reached the island.

Tourist sites on The Island of Rinca

Review Rinca Island

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There are several popular attractions that you can visit on the island of Rinca and also surrounding areas, where each location has its own charm which is not easy to be forgotten. Here are some places that you can visit if you are in Rinca Island :

1. The National Park Of Komodo Islands

The first tourist spot that you can visit when on the Island of Rinca is a National Park of Komodo Islands. In this park, you can see the komodo dragons up close, in which indeed the island became the main habitat of giant lizards such. Not only that, but this park also has a population of komodo most of the other islands that exist around the island. To visit this park on your own You must comply with the regulations of the is and should be accompanied by some guards who called the ranger.

2. Savanna

In addition to viewing the komodo dragon, review Rinca Island itself will bring you to the track or hiking in Rinca Island. The island itself is renowned for its natural beauty, where you will find a Savana large very riveting. Savanna’s own also there komodo, so You should still be careful. The length of the existing tracks on the island itself varies, there is a 2 km up to 8 km. Not only that during Your travel, but you can also see natural beauty like the blue of the sky and also the sea from the top of the hill.

3. Deer or Buffalo

Not only are there komodo dragons in Rinca Island. When you are enjoying the beauty of nature and also exotic komodo, during the walk around the island. You can find a deer or buffalo that also live on the island. The existence of herbivorous animals is another and not is as food for the komodo dragons on the island.

4. The Island Of Padar

Padar island is one of the islands located near the Island of Rinca. The island itself is not inhabited by humans or komodo, but You can still visit it. The island itself is renowned for its natural beauty that is still awake and also the blue sea is riveting. Around the island. There are 3 other smaller islands. Where you can swim and enjoy the sea from the edge of the beach.

It is some of the attractions that are obtained from review Rinca Island. Where you can visit the island together with the Excellent Komodo Tours. Please visit to get tour packages that You can choose according to your wishes. All packages that exist on the tour is very complete and also offers the excitement of Your holiday on the Island of Rinca.

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