See The Beauty of Lake Kelimutu

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June 27, 2019
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See The Beauty of Lake Kelimutu


Komodo Tours Kelimutu Lake will take You to see the charm, the beauty of Lake Kelimutu. Indonesian people are certainly familiar with the name of the Lake Kelimutu. Although he has never come directly to the site, the lakes in Ende Regency, Flores is ever present in the eyes of the money of five thousand rupiahs.

Not my image of Lake Kelimutu present in the currency five thousand dollars if there is no underlying it. The reason that very right, namely to introduce if, in Flores, it turns out there is a lake which is very beautiful and amazing.

Tours Komodo in Kelimutu Lake by Visiting the enchanting Beauty of Lake Kelimutu

Komodo Tour Kelimutu Lake

Komodo Tour Kelimutu Lake

As already discussed earlier today, if this lake does indeed have a panorama as well as a uniqueness that is very strong so it is a pity if passed. Not only that, but the beauty of Lake Kelimutu is also already well known to the international scene. Some of the uniqueness of the following in mandatory for You to know.
Presents the Three Lakes with Different Colors

Kelimutu lake is another name for the three lakes in the District of Flores is. three lakes are present with different names. Uniquely each preceded by the name of Tiwu means lake.

  • Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai
  • Tiwu At Polo
  • Tiwu Ata Mbupu

From the third the name of the lake, Tiwu Mbupu has a layout of its own, which is where is in the west. On the other hand, Tiwu Nuwa Muri ko’fai and Tiwu Ata Polo is close and only separated by a ridge thin.

Due to thin this is, then often collapse. Thus it is no wonder if it is forbidden to miss. However, although it has the layout side by side, the color of Lake Kelimutu is also different. That makes it more unique, namely, its color is always changing. There are also the colors of green, brown, light blue, moss green and various colors of other unique.

Comes with Sunrise

Sunrise in Kelimutu Lake

Sunrise in Kelimutu Lake

Sunrise in Danu Kelimutu is one of the Sunrise the best and most beautiful in Flores. Travelers not only come to see the beauty of the lake. More than that, the tourists also come to see the beauty of sunrise in Lake Kelimutu is. More than that, many foreign tourists consider if the sunrise in Kelimutu Lake is becoming one of Sunrise’s best in the world.

The best place for Camping

Camping in Kelimutu Lake

Camping in Kelimutu Lake

In the area around the Lake of Kelimutu are a very suitable place for camping or camping. If You do camping here, then You will find beautiful scenery and amazing of a lake that is unique, rare and beautiful. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

Attractions Around the Lake of Kelimutu

If You do Komodo Tours Kelimutu Lake do not forget to visit the Beautiful Lake on this one. Not only enjoy the natural beauty and uniqueness that exist but will  You can also do a variety of fun and exciting activities, one of which is camping. Not only that, but travel Labuan Bajo this also will deliver You to some beautiful places such as :

  • Pink Beach
  • Komodo National Park
  • Kalong Island

Well, one spot is the best in the Lake Kelimutu is. The lake presents different colors is certainly make anyone be curious. Sure You’re not curious as well? No need to wait for a long time now is the time to prepare the best holiday in Lake Kelimutu.

If You want to visit Kelimutu Lake, do not hesitate to contact the best tour package excellentkomodotours. We are very happy it can be a partner of Your holiday trip in Flores.

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