See The Review Of Komodo Island For A Enjoy Holiday

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See The Review Of Komodo Island For A Enjoy Holiday

Review Komodo Island

Review Komodo Island

Well, one of the tourist areas that are currently of concern and has a very beautiful view is the Island of Komodo. A lot of review Komodo Island to see and a must to visit.

To be able to reach the island of Komodo itself, You can book a flight from Bali or from other cities. To get these plane tickets You can book through Traveloka or You can contact The price of a plane ticket to go Komodo Island is around 100$

Tourist Areas Of The Island Of Komodo Is Available

Best time to visit Komodo Island is between April to September. Where in the period the weather is good and bright. Well, below are some of the tourist areas are very much obliged to Your visit :

1. Rinca Island

Review Komodo Island

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The attraction of the Komodo dragon, of course, the komodo dragon. The Komodo dragon is a type of lizard of the largest and also malignant, where its natural habitat is on the island. Where the Island of Rinca, one of the parts from the Komodo islands, is the most widely found. On the island of Rinca. You can directly see the komodo dragons up close with accompanied by the rangers, which is the guardian of the island. Highly recommended if visiting the Island of Rinca You are not hurt. Because komodo can smell blood from a distance of more than 10 km and could only strike You.

2. Pink Beach

Review Komodo Island

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Pink Beach, the location of the most recommended of the review Komodo Island. This place is a beach located in one of the islands. Where you will find beach sand that is colored red or pink. Pink Beach in Komodo Island itself is one of seven pink beaches in the world. Of course, this becomes a very rare experience for you when visiting the Island of Komodo.

3. Snorkeling And Diving

If you really want to see the beauty under the sea, you can do snorkeling and diving in Pulau Bidadari. As the name suggests. This island saves the beauty under the sea are compulsory to be seen with your own eyes. You can rent a boat with equipment for snorkeling and diving that are already available in Komodo Island.

It is someplace that is very mandatory for you to visit while on the Island of Komodo. If you want to visit this island yourself. You can choose to stay in the area of Labuan Bajo. Inns or hotels in Labuan Bajo has been providing some of the services that are needed and also professional. For the price usually ranges from 50$ to 100$.

With a view review Komodo Island and also a tourist destination that was in there, of course, will make you will feel interested. What’s more on the Island itself still has some tourist spots that are also not less beautiful. If you are still interested to visit the Island of Komodo. You can contact Where in the Excellent Komodo Tour. There are several travel packages that you need. So, don’t hesitate to contact Excellent Komodo Tour to get the best travel in Komodo Island.

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