The beautiful Sunset on the Island of Komodo

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January 16, 2020
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January 27, 2020

The beautiful Sunset on the Island of Komodo

Sunset Komodo Island presents with a view to amaze. If we imagine the attractions in the east of Indonesia. Surely that instantly appear in the mind, namely the Island of Komodo. The island became one of the attractions of the prima donna and famous in Indonesia for the overseas travelers and tourists in the country. Because only in the island you will find hundreds and even thousands of rare animals, Komodo.

Rare animals are believed to a species dinosaurs still alive until this very second. This became one of the mainstay attractions in Komodo national park in Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara. With the existence of these rare animals komodo crowned as one of the wonders in the vote around the year 2011.

Access To Komodo Island

To enjoy the Sunset Komodo Island, you will transit first in Labuan Bajo. Here it can be said as a gathering place for travelers who want to visit the islands are included in a komodo national park. Even though it is said as a place stop by before towards the island the other island, Labuan Bajo also has a tourist beach sunset is no less beautiful with other places.

One of the interesting spots and you can visit to enjoy the beauty of the moment sunset either with your friends, family or couple, namely the pier white. Why named dock white ?. That’s because the entire building is made of wood stretcher all parts are white. Accompanied by the lights along the dock makes this location to be the location that is instagramable.

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Sunset on the Island of Komodo

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Spot Sunset Komodo Island became the location of one of the belle and much visited by tourists to enjoy the evening and looking for a moment sunset. Accompanied by the expanse of the sea spacious and quiet. The lights that adorn the pier and a few boats passing by make the view from the pier is very beautiful and romantic if you come with a partner.

The location of the sunset beach in Labuan Bajo is Pink beach. As the name suggests the beach sand in here looks pink-colored or pink. This beach also beaches included in the seven beaches that have beach sand colored pink in the world. Because of the beauty of the sand, this makes a lot of tourists to visit to enjoy the sunset from the lips of the pink beach is.

Other attractions that are not less interesting to enjoy a sunset that is Waecicu beaches. In addition to the pink beach. Waecicu beach also become one of the attractions of sunset beach in Komodo island for you to visit to enjoy the view of the sunset. The scenery of the sea and the hills certainly add to the attraction of Waecicu beach.

There are also Pulau koala or known by kalong island. This location is a fascinating attraction to enjoy the evening. Because in addition to can enjoy the moment of sunset you can see hundreds or maybe thousands of bats flying. Of course with the background light orange. The hills and accompanied by the chirping of the bats which fly adds a moment of fun during sunset.

For those of you who vacation to Labuan Bajo, especially a visit to the attractions of the pier white or pink beach, you need not worry about the facilities provided. These facilities, among others, the best place to stay with supporting facilities such as restaurants, places of worship, a toilet, a means of entertainment, live music and facilities other supporting facilities so that travelers can be comfortable and safe.

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Ticket Prices Komodo Island

For the price of admission to attractions in Labuan Bajo and the islands located in the national park of Komodo island ranges from Rp 20,000 – Rp 50,000 for local tourists or domestic. While for the foreign tourists cost around Rp50.000 – Rp 100,000. not including the cost of accommodation and so forth.


Attractions Sunset Komodo Island located in the district of Komodo, West Manggarai regency of West Nusa Tenggara province. For those of you who want to vacation in Labuan Bajo, you can take the path of land and air. If you use a private vehicle and coming from Java, you pass through the route Bali – Lombok – Sumbawa – bima – Flores Island. And to attractions around you can rent a boat.

Whereas if you choose the path of the air, you can take the route of the flight with Denpasar or Lombok, then choose the route to Labuhan Bajo or the area around. Choose the path of the air more effectively and can cut the travel time. However, if you are more adventurous while enjoying the ride not hurt also you choose the path of land and sea.

Tips tour to enjoy the Sunset Komodo Island, which clearly prepares more budget. Make sure the condition of physical and mental health. You should choose cheap to anticipate spending excessively. Search for the info in advance about the attractions visited, you should go with your friends, family or partner.

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