Tablolong Beach | Location, Acces, Entrance Ticket

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February 21, 2020
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Tablolong Beach | Location, Acces, Entrance Ticket

Behind the impression of a comfortable and also hot, Kupang turned out to save a lot of beach attractions that are must-visit. Tablolong beach is a tourist spot located in the Tablolong, West Kupang, Kupang, Nusa Tenggara Timur. Tablolong beach has white sand this has a special attraction for local and foreign tourists.

The beach with the beauty of the amaze is flanked by the island of Timor and Rote Island. Associated with its origins, comes from one of the names of the township residents in the east end.

The beach is often used by local and foreign tourists to the arena of sport fishing. The waters from the coastline as far as 10 miles into the migration path of the fish crowded towards the Savu Sea. The beach is very rich with marine life that makes this area’s largest seaweed in East Nusa Tenggara.

Tourist Attraction


Tablolong Beach (Picture by:

  • Tablolong beach is fairly clean of trash, when you are on this beach you will not find an iota of garbage. Therefore if we want to visit the Beach Tablolong expected to maintain the cleanliness of the garbage. As for some of the attraction of the beaches, it is:
  • See the red particles are one of attraction good to miss. Usually red particles it collects in one particular area. If seen from a distance red particles it will look like the color pink. So that makes anyone be worthwhile.
  • This beach also presents a wonderful view. Tourists can enjoy the beauty of the sunset this impressive. There are many spots that you choose to enjoy the sunset and don’t forget to capture the beautiful moment such as a memento when you’re in this tourist area.

You can sunbathe while enjoying the beauty of the views presented on the outskirts of the beach. If you want to sunbathe don’t forget to bring sunblock and also eyewear that is needed to make you especially for you who want to enjoy the time to linger here.

With all attractions located on this beach. anyone who visits this place will not feel regret although it must pass through a long way from the city center to the location.


In Tablolong Beach, there are several facilities including:

  • Food stalls
  • Dressing room
  • Toilet
  • Means to play a child
  • Gazebo

The Entrance Ticket

The beach is located on the eastern tip of Indonesia is open every day for 24 hours. The entrance ticket to the location is IDR 2,000 per person. Unfortunately for vehicle parking quite expensive at $ 5,000 per motorcycle and Rp 10,000 per car.


As for the route to the location can be reached from Kupang city center. This beach is located in Tablolong, West Kupang, Kupang, Nusa Tenggara Timur. Unfortunately, there is no public transport that aims at Tablolong Beach this.

Tips Travelling

  • First, before you go on vacation make sure your body or your relatives in a state of fit or better.
  • Second, get the utilities you need during the vacation.
  • Third, if you want to sunbathe it is suggested you bring sunblock high SPF so that your skin does not burn under the heat of the sun
  • Prepare the camera and the Powerbank.
  • You are advised to bring a change of clothes
  • It is advisable to you use footwear or comfortable clothes.
  • Seven, you guys don’t forget if traveling you should maintain the cleanliness of the environment the beach or around the beach

This beach is also known to be very clean. When you visit this beach you will see the panorama of the beach that is still natural and away from the hands of ignorant visitors.

Tablolong beach also has a spot of a panorama, the sunset stunning, very fitting for those of you photographers who hunt for images good. Anyway, to get the vacation experience fun, you can use the tour Komodo from Bali from Excellentkomodotours.

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