Travel Guide to Tanjung Bastian Beach NTT

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November 29, 2019
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Travel Guide to Tanjung Bastian Beach NTT

Tanjung Bastian Beach – For You the traveler who loves adventure then a visit to the Beach of Tanjung Bastian should be entered into Your travel plans. Tanjung Bastian Beach is with white sand with a stretch of sand to reach about one hundred meters with the water of the crystal sea.

Not only has nature-friendly, but the beach is also occupied by the inhabitants friendly. They welcome all tourists and assure them that Tanjung Bastian beach is safe to visit.

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The name of the Beach in Tanjung Bastian is still foreign to the ears of the traveler. Many tourists do not know if this beach has a lot of spots of the best photos that will make You for photo hunters and fans of selfie photos.

Tanjung Bastian offers a panoramic view of the soothing with the expanse of soft sand. Here we give a little overview of the Beach of Tanjung Bastian that You can make reference before your next trip to this place.

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Price Of The Entrance Ticket To The Beach Of Tanjung Bastian


About the price of the entry ticket, the entrance fee to the Beach of Tanjung Bastian relatively budget-friendly. Only by paying the entrance fee amounted to Rp3.000, You can already freely enjoy the beauty of Pantai Tanjung Bastian.

The route and the location of the Beach of Tanjung Bastian

Tanjung Bastian is located in the City of Wini, the northern District of Timur Tengah Utara, Nusa Tenggara Timur. The distance is about 65 km from the Town of Kefamenanu.

If you want to experience the challenge of adventure, You can go to the Beach of Tanjung Bastian with motorcycles. When You begin the journey from Kota Kefamenanu, it takes about one hour. The road to the beach winding and narrow.

Tourism activities in Tanjung Bastian NTT

Enjoy the view of the Beach is Still Virgin

Visiting the Beach of Tanjung Bastian will give you a new experience for You. This is of course due to the stunning panoramic views on the Beach of Tanjung Bastian, You are guaranteed to be gaped to see the beauty of the beaches is still virgin to this. The naturalness of the Beach is not separated from the solidity of residents within the care for and maintain the Beach Bastian.

Watch Horse Racing

In addition to use as a tourist attraction the Beach of Tanjung Bastian is also used as a place or arena of implementing sports events such as horse racing. The path of horse racing in Tanjung Bastian is the race the most beautiful and the best in Indonesia because of the background of the beach with a panoramic view of the natural.

Swim in the crystal Clear Sea

While vacationing on the Beach in Tanjung Bastian swim is a mandatory activity that You must do. Freshwater beach coupled with the beautiful scenery can relieve Your tired after a long journey to the Beach of Bastian.

Hunting Photos Unique and Cool

With a view of the super beautiful then it is not excessive if the Beach of Tanjung Bastian pinned as a paradise for photographers. By taking the right guaranteed to the camera shots You could be the envy of Your friends.
Following earlier reviews and an overview of tour Pantai Tanjung Bastian NTT, hopefully, this review can be useful in adding references to Your destination. Happy holidays.

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