The list of Natural Attractions that Exist in Komodo Island

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The list of Natural Attractions that Exist in Komodo Island

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List of tourist attractions in Komodo Island is very diverse. Komodo island is one of the attractions that is certainly very interesting and unique you can make it a tourist destination. The island itself is located in the province of East Nusa Tenggara and is located in the east of Sumbawa island.  Which is bordered by the province of West Nusa Tenggara.

Komodo island entry in the Komodo National Park which is where this place can be called one of the wonders of the world. Where animals are the Komodo dragons that inhabit the island are believed as a species of dinosaur still alive on earth. In addition to the Island of Komodo, there are also other attractions that are in the vicinity and certainly not less interesting and beautiful.

The Best Tourist attractions in Komodo Island

1. Rinca Island

Island located in the Komodo Islands is also one of the groups of islands has a very beautiful natural scenery. To be able to head the Island of Rinca you can take a boat from Labuan Bajo with a cost of 25 thousand per person. The trip from Labuan Bajo heading to Rinca Island using a ship takes approximately 2 hours. In addition, to be able to see and communicate directly with the predatory animal inhabitants of the island. You can also enjoy the natural scenery and the trekking activity there.

2. Kanawa Island

Island with an area of approximately 35 acres also presents a view that is no less beautiful, with islands that are in the tourist area of komodo. The island presents the natural scenery of underwater is very beautiful. This place is suitable for you who like diving or just snorkeling. For those of you who want to dive here is also already available diving center.

In this island also offers some places to stay with a cost of 300 thousand per night. To be able to towards Kanawa island you can take a speed boat from Labuan Bajo or rent a boat.

3. The Island Of Padar

The island is quite famous also ushered island located in Komodo Island. Different from the man of the island Komodo dragons, in Padar, you will not encounter fierce predators such. To be able to enjoy the attractions on this island you must up the hill and see the splendid view of the sea and some other islands around it. To reach here you need a companion or guide. For those of you who hobby selfies, of course, this place offers spot the photo that is instagramable.

4. Mirror Stone cave in Labuan Bajo

Cave Trawangan with an area of approximately 19 hectares and a height of about 75 meters is located in Labuan Bajo. This cave is a natural landscape where. The Mirror Stone cave is surrounded by forest and also green trees that make up the landscape in this place becomes very beautiful. Not to mention you can also find fauna that characterizes the eastern region.
Access to the cave is pretty difficult because you do have to go into the cave with a length of 200 meters and narrow. In the glittering cave you can see some of the fossils you, coral, fish, and others on the walls of the cave. To enter the cave you need to pay the entrance ticket costs 20 thousand per person.

Curious with the variety of beauty on the island of Komodo. Now is the time to enjoy it now too. Use the services of tour best to get the best travel packages on the Island of Komodo.

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