Interesting things in the Natural Attractions in Labuan Bajo

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November 22, 2019
List Atraction on Labuan Bajo
November 22, 2019

Interesting things in the Natural Attractions in Labuan Bajo

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So many interesting things that We can do here as a tourist. Not only in Labuan Bajo itself but in the Labuan Bajo there is also a tourist destination that We must visit. Here we can do while visiting the natural attractions of Labuan Bajo. 

1. Kelimutu Lake

Lake Kelimutu is 3 lakes on the top of the mountain and the color of the water of this lake can change color different at a certain time. If We want to enjoy the lake We need to climb Mount Kelimutu.

2. Taka Makassar

This location We can visit when the seawater was receding. As well as the hidden Island. There are certain times to visit Taka Makassar. But in addition to the Island with the sand when the water recedes, We can also do Diving and Snorkeling in this location. And famous with conditions under the sea is still very clear.

3. Rinca Island

Rinca island is a paradise for ancient animals ( Komodo ). On the Island of Rinca is very much the animal population Komodonya if compared with the Komodo Island itself. The population of Komodo dragons on this Island due to the habitat of origin of the Animals of Komodo itself is located on the island of Rinca, according to the story.

4. Liang Bua

This is a Cave. This location offers an educational tour. According to the invention that in this Cave ever found a fossil human hobbit in Nusa Tenggara Timur. Add the belief that in Indonesia there ever a human hobbit, especially in this area. In addition, We as tourists can also visit Goa. Usually a visit to this location many from among the Archaeologists.

5. Diving and Snorkeling

No doubt doing the activity in Labuan Bajo is very special indeed. That the location of the beach is crystal clear making the perpetrators get the impression that it is very expensive and the ecosystem of the underwater life is also known to be very good.

6. Relax on the Coast

Yes. Because the contour of the region is dominated by the oceans so it has many beaches that make the tourists can laze around and relax on the coast. Doing this activity can be done anywhere, but We need to be careful in certain areas such as on the island of Rinca, Komodo Island, and Padar Island. Because the Island still has Animals as the Komodo dragons.

8. Climb

Climbing activities can and very free. There are many islands adjacent and indeed contoured hills make one way to enjoy it is to do a climbing activity. And no need to worry because when We have reached a peak then the vast expanse of the majestic be the answer to lamented Our sweat.

Location and Access to Labuan Bajo

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The location of Labuan Bajo is located in the District of West Manggarai, Kecamatan Komodo, East Nusa Tenggara. Access to Labuan Bajo is not too difficult. Why is it so? Yes, If We know that Labuan Bajo is the gateway to down the location of attractions in East Nusa Tenggara then it is easy to get to the location of Labuan Bajo. Depart from wherever we will be easy to Labuan Bajo. If We depart from Bali then just do it travel up towards Labuan Bajo.

Admission Prices Labuan Bajo

The price of entry to Labuan Bajo there is no exact price. Because Labuan Bajo is the gateway to a tourist area then it is usually the tourists just to pay the rent of the ship to enter Labuan Bajo.

There are special ticket prices if We had entered the territory of the other tourism. So to Labuan Bajo itself is not there is a ticket office. How, are you ready to visit the beauty of the natural attractions of Labuan Bajo? Now is the time to schedule your vacation right now.


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