Kanawa Island and The Variety of Its Beauty

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July 26, 2019
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Kanawa Island and The Variety of Its Beauty


Have you ever heard the name of Kanawa Island? It turns out Kanawa Island is not an island coming from overseas. Kanawa island is one of the beautiful islands in Indonesia. Already again is not surprising if Indonesia is known as one of the countries with thousands of islands. Title thousands of islands are because there is a lot of a number of islands in Indonesia.

Kanawa island is one of the islands save the best destination. Kanawa island is still in the cluster of attractions of Komodo National Park. Island one this to save the charm of beauty is very stunning. From year to year, the number of visitors to the Island of Kanawa continues to increase. Even increasing.

What Are The Charm, The Beauty Of Kanawa Island?

When this region of Eastern Indonesia, particularly in the area of Flores is on the rise because it has charm, a stunning natural beauty. A lot of islands around Flores that have a charm and beauty to amaze. One of them Kanawa Island is. Island this one was to save the beauty of that very riveting. It is not surprising if a lot of travelers make Kanawa Island as a tourist destination.

If we compare with various other islands in the area of Flores. Kanawa island turned out to save the charm of beauty is very unique, that may not be owned by other islands. Thus it is not surprising if not only local people only. More than that, a lot of tourists who come to the island of Kanawa.
Kanawa island saves diverse uniqueness that is ready to make your holiday all the more colorful. Here are some of the unique things that you can find the time to travel to Kanawa Island.

It Is Unique When Tour Kanawa Island

1. The Beauty Of Kanawa Island

The first time you get to the pier Kanawa Island, you will see the beauty of the underwater. Kanawa island saves the beach full of corals and various types of fish. All the tourists can see the beautiful small shark playing around the dock. Very exciting isn’t it?

The presence of seawater Kanawa Island clear waters makes the island one is more interesting to visit. Especially if you see from the ship lean in the dock. The ship will appear to drift because of the clarity of the water. Therefore, it is not surprising if the coral reefs, as well as a variety of korla and marine life, can be easily visible from above the surface.

Located approximately 15 km from Labuan Bajo. The island has an area of 32 hectares, this appears extremely small if compared with the ranks of the other islands in the area of Labuan Bajo. However, despite the small but Kanawa Island still has the charm, the beauty of stunning.
As already described earlier.

Under the sea, Kanawa Island is very intriguing. You also can swim as well as direct interaction with the sharks that exist on the island. Although it does not save the plants and the trees are large. However, the hills that are around Kanawa Island is still present the beauty of the amaze. There are beautiful moments that should not be forgotten when you are on Kanawa Island, which is to see a beautiful sunrise and sunset.

2. See The Beautiful Marine Life The Island Of Kanawa

Can be said if the Kanawa Island also save a spot of snorkeling and diving very complete. Not only save the coral reefs and marine biota are small. In addition, Kanawa Island also saves marine life large. But just calm down, all of them are not aggressive.

With charm, natural beauty, and only have a distance of 10 meters from the shore, making anyone can enjoy such beauty. on the right part of the beach, there are remnants of red algae that make up the Island of Kanawa is look pink.

Because it has a wonderful atmosphere and superb facilities, it is no wonder if the Island of Kanawa is more coveted by tourists. Can be said, the atmosphere on the Island of Kanawa is very complete. You can do snorkeling and diving. If you just want to enjoy the beach, then you can also sunbathe on the beach.

3. Trekking on the Island of Kanawa

In Kanawa Island, it turns out that you all can also do other activities. Namely trekking. You can do trekking to a small hill on the island of Kanawa. From the top of the hill seems very clear the beauty of Kanawa Island. Not only that. A lot of spot photos which you can find from the top of the hill. Although it has a difficult terrain. All the hardships will be paid off when we get to the top of the hill. Top this is one of the favorite places for tourists to see the sunset.

How to Travel to Kanawa Island To make it Easier?

If you’ve been curious and want to do tour Kanawa Island but are concerned about the preparation that complicated? Now you all need not worry again. In the time that has modern as sata’s, a vacation anywhere can be prepared easily. Now a lot of ease, and all it is a practical way that you can use. One of them is by using the services of the tour.

Services of tour or travel this is a service that is ready to serve your holiday wherever and whenever. Usually, the services of both will be presenting different types of service packages that you can use to do the warming. By using the services of both, then you will get some service. Such services include tour guide, consumption, hotels, ticket out, and many more.

However, before deciding to seek the services of both, you should do consideration first. It is done so that no loss during the trip. With this, then you all will be able to get a holiday with a safe as well as calm. Of the many services attractions, excellent Komodo tours are one of the tourist services reliable who can you make as an option. Tourist services are excellent komodo tours come with a variety of types of tour packages are ready to deliver your holiday to the Island of Komodo.

Then What Is The Advantage Of The Excellent Komodo Tours?

As one of the tourist services to the Island of Komodo, one of them to the island of Kanawa. Excellent Komodo Tours come with a variety of superior service that makes your vacation more enjoyable.
Some of the advantages are as follows:

1. Presenting Tou Guide who is Experienced

Tour Kanawa Island provided by the Excellent Komodo Tours is the tour guide who is experienced. Not only that, the tour guide provided was also very warm and friendly with the local people. This is done so that the tourists feel comfortable when away from home.

2. Already Equipped with An Extremely high Quality

For all of you travelers that will be using the services of a tour of the excellent komodo tours. Exactly. Services of the tour are also equipped with extremely high quality. With the affordable price, but the facilities are very complete once.

3. Get a bite to eat during the trip

By using tour Kanawa Island you all don’t need to worry about the problem of consumption. All consumption is already our responsibility. Thus, you will get a comfortable and serene holiday.

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